what is going on with my body????

im very confused!!

this is day 29 of 35 day cycle...

according to FF and other sites (altho i dont know EXACTLY) i ovulated around day 21 (making this 8 DPO)

since friday (day 26- 5 DPO) i have had alot of mucus on wiping with blood, pinky and reddy, just very little,mostly clear..i have no cramp or any eriod symptoms, and in any case my af isnt due for another week, and i am always pretty much on time...

so, is this a good sign?? i very stupidly did a test today which was of course neg, as im sure this is far too early to be testing...

can anyone help? i am getting my hopres up but prob isnt anything, ???


  • Hey I think it's way to early to be testing I'd wait til the day after your period is due before testing again. It could be a good sign though could be implantation bleed which I think normally happens 6-12 days past ov! But then again i have had it before and I'm afraid to say I got my hopes up for nothing as I'm still waiting on my BFP!

    Good luck chick I hope you get your BFP this month x
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