Can anyone help with this pls?

My cycle is usually 5days, but af is still goingstrong and its day 6. If its a longer than usual af, does that delay ov?


  • When a cycle varies in length, it is the time between menstruation and ovulation that varies. Less variable in length is the luteal phase, or the time between ovulation and the end of your cycle (the last day before your next period).

    If your period is ever 'late' it is actually because ovulation is delayed e.g. you ovulate, have to do your finals at uni the next week - period not delayed. Your period finishes, your worried about your exam results - ovulation is delayed and so your period is later.

    So, basically a big fat yes.
  • Oh poo! Thought it would be, but still...... Oh poo! :evil:

    And that sounds like a very bitter 'I speak from experience' explanation Flush! :lol: Poor you! xx
  • Its the example my mum always uses - she's a midwife and explained to me and my friends why it happens sometimes and not others - I think she liked an example we could relate to. So although I'm now a grown up not doing exams, its still the scenario I think of!

    I hope it helps though. I just wish I'd hurry up and bloody ovulate. Even though I know it'd mean I was pregnant, I'd so welcome af after nine weeks of waiting...
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