FAO Wildthingv8 - part 2

Any luck tonight or are you taking a break? I've been thinking about your dilemna all afternoon! Maybe you need to just not mention TTC for a while?


  • Hi hun,
    taking a break tonight, I came to the same conclusion as you - I'm keeping schtum for a bit!
    How you feeling now? Hope you're feeling better? Are you going to try bd tonight? xx
  • Hi
    Been reading your CM dilenma and can't offer any advice but wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you.
    If it's possible (given your OH's problem) maybe keep on trying?
    As for me offically on my 2ww now but have lost all PMA given the events earlier in the week!!
  • Aww Hun don't lose your pma, i know it's been hard but please try and remain positive. No more luck with oh I'm afraid! Bugger! I'm not sure what's going on with the cm so I'm going to join you in the 2ww! Fingers crossed for us both xx
  • How you feeling today chick? I've got ewcm today so I'm going to have to be extra nice all day in the hope that oh will want to bd! Lol xx
  • everytime I go to reply to you OH is looking over my shoulder!!! Hope you're having a good day - have you managed to work your magic yet?
    Was thinking earlier - I'll be due to test on 5th May if no AF (fingers crossed) and if it's a BFN I am absolutely dreading going through the trying to get him to BD at the right times again!! I guess I'll cross that bridge as the saying goes. In the mean-time started SS far too early. So far I have one sore (,) and a few mild AF type cramps and a bit of heartburn but surely it's far too early???? xx
  • Men! So nosy at times! Nah no magic - we've been to the coast today which was a 4hr round trip so both cream-crackered! Lol.
    How many days dpo are you? IF it's a bfn, we both should try keeping the ttc talk to here and play nice so they'll bd when we need them too without them thinking they're having to! But enough of that as it's not over until af arrives. Xx
  • Hi
    Only 4 DPO LOL! Good idea about keeping the ttc chat to here......may have to do it at work though if he keeps trying to look! Maybe you both need an early night???? xx
  • Yeah we did have an early night but I'm on the 2ww now - i'm sure I am will tell! I know i'm out of the running this month so going to chill and try not to count the days until next month! lol.
    How you feeling today? I would say at 4dpo it's too early but remain positive and try not to s.s too much (like we can relax about that!!).
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