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Well...I did a test....

Hi girls, got a test last night, went to my sisters.... had a terrible upset stomach, but anyway, did a test, and it was a very faint positive. the faintest in the world! It was a pack of two, so just done one now, and its the same. Going to Asda in a bit to get a different brand, just incase i have a dodgy batch!!

At the moment, it is a BFP!!
Anyway girls im going to asda now, then i'll let you all know.

Thanks for everything, and all of your support.
I'll be back later.

Amy XX



  • Both mine were really faint.
    Then bought a digital Clearblue. It came up with "pregnant" so no doubts.

    Congratulations ~ I had a funny feeling you'd get your BFP :\)


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  • wow daisy, thats fantastic, I just knew yest it was gonna be a bfp. It doesnt matter how faint it is hun.. a line is a line hun!!!!!!!
    Every test I have ever dun, except this time round were so faint I had to keep tilting the stick to make sure! Then 2 days later line was stronger. But from 1st test i still had a line so BFP.
    Well done hun, bet your so excited. so pleased for you.
    Caz xx

  • OMG hun, thats great news!!! My 1st baby was the same, u cant get a false positive only a false neg, so theres no doubt u r!!! I had a funny feeling u where, all the signs where there....hopefully some of ur baby dust will pass on to the rest of us xxxx
  • Hi congratulations on getting ur bfp. Hope u send some baby dust my way. Im on cd29/28-30. Have had a few cramps last night and this morning. Also had tingly feeling in nipples. Am trying not to get hopes up but would so love to get bfp. Have a ds who is nearly 3. Am trying to be patient and going to wait till after weekend if af hasnt shown.

    Congrats again and have a happy and healthy pregnancy
  • Congratulations daisy! like caz says, a line is a line. both my pregnancies were very faint too. So very pleased for you its so exciting. hope to get mine soon too! keep us posted xx
  • Congrats daisy!! Snap!!! I got my BFP yesterday. Really pleased for you! xxxxxxxxx
  • what was asda result then? although a line is a line!!! sometimes it is just so hard to believe it is really happening!!
  • Hi, thanks everyone!
    Asda result was the same, faint positive!
    Not sure how to feel or react. obviously im happy but not excited or feeling anything at the moment. think i expected a positive and then automaticly have a huge bump or something! lol
    Think my baby is the size of Peanut!
    Told the in-laws! MIL didnt seem happy, but i just think its her, FIL, thirlled so excited for us! i hope my mum and dad would be happy, my *new* mum and dad, Sue and Billy, which are my mum and dads best friends, i told them, well only sue, she cried, then i cried, then she cried even more when i told her the names ive chosen!
    So emotional!
    Anyway guys, i have faith in you all, there are BFP waiting for you, im sending lots and lots of baby dust to each and everyone of you!
    Good luck XX
  • Great news daisy congrats, looking forward to seeing over in pregnancy forum very soon..

    Lovely cat!!

  • Congratulations thats fab. You must be so excited? Well as yet no sign of my af. Gona wait till tomorrow and test if still not here. How you feeling?

    Jen xx
  • Hi
    Thanks Cat, i'll be there soon!!
    Thanks Jen, im not sure how ifeel, happy obviously, but i dont feel any different, still keep thinking AF is going to turn up!
    Test now jen, you never know. XX good luck XX
  • Hi, I dont think it sinks in to ur scan, but to be honest (or it may just be me) until u have the little bundle in your arms, well done again hun, goodluck, hopefully il have something to celebrate this time nx wk!! x
  • Tell me about it spedshaw, ives got really bad cramping at the mo and not due to nx sat, but period and preg signs are the same, so u never know cud be our time! x
  • Hi no i defo gona wait and test in am if af hasnt shown by then. I only bought one test so. Im sooooooo happy for you though is your oh excited? jen xx
  • yeah, dh is very excited, he's told so many people already, i know they say you shouldnt, but he's so excited, he wants to see pictures of it week by week! He's amazed that next week, it'll have an eye in the making!!
  • I'm so excited for you Daisy, It is day 25 for me tomorrow and thats how long my cycle was last month so will be looking for every sign! Good luck to you jen, did you say you were testing tomorrow? xx
  • Hi jo

    Yes testing tomorrow as today is 28/28 month 3 of ttc. Have you got any symptoms? xx
  • I just remember last time on day 28 i had veins on my boobs and they had gone darker so i kind of knew was pg before i did the test. I suppose thats the sign i've been looking for but it hasn't happened yet although they do say that every pg is different!
  • ive got them at the mo been there for a couple of days, and i had them with my others...but im thinking am i noticing them more cus i want to be, where they there b4, god this is stressfull isnt it!!! xxx
  • I know what you mean i keep looking down to see if i've got some. my boobs seem to be bursting out of my bra but i think they've grown due to me putting on weight this last month. prob eating to much because of the stress of this! i've gone from 10 to 11 stone in about 6 weeks!
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