has anyone...

ever felt victimised for being ginger i think im going to cry in the corner :lol:

bbbooooooo you normal people :lol:

cant i just say that its not a post at pokng fun at red heads i am one,all real and my sister is one i love my hair i love little red heads...you'd have to read the wee chat post to understand this one

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  • oh no :lol:

    Little Grudie Horner sat in the corner eating her pudding and pie, she put in her thumb and pulled out a plum, and said 'what a good girl am I' ;lol:

    There are lots of famous gingers, Chris Evans, Sonia erm....Chris Evans..... :P :lol:
  • pick the fannies why dont you :lol:
  • you brushing up on nursary songs pmsl
  • :lol: sorry my brain couldnt come up with anyone else! haha, maybe thats another thread 'famous ginger people' :P x
  • yup, i relate everything to nursery rhymes now :lol:
  • lol sad thing is i bet its true i made my own songs up for Lennon he used to fall asleep to some,its my calm and tuneful voice i think tho.........................i lie lol
  • :lol: maybe he was just pretending to sleep to shut you up :lol: hehe :P
  • I'm a real sucker for red-haired men, though hubby is blond (actually he's hald grey but less said about that the better hehe).
    I'm thinking Sean and Bradley from Eastenders, Robert Redford... And if there are any mummies here- I've a teeny tiny crush on Little Cook from Cbeebies lol
  • no little cook you need help lol mind you i have a thing for non red head sporticus,its well known on here lol

    there are 'some' nice red heads but not sure i could date one,we would clash :lol:
  • LOLMummychop, having the hots for little cook!

    I was a little bit in love with Bradley to, mostly due to how he managed to be so lush with his redhair!
  • I actually love red hair, it is such a nice colour - although not the bright orange-ginger-red! :lol: Grudie has gorgeous red hair image xxx
  • I'm a ginge! Hehe. It's a real affliction.
  • yay now we can start a gang Mrshobbes :lol:

    aawww L are you after a kiss tomorrow when we meet pmsl
  • you wish :P :lol: Emily might give you a sloppy gummy kiss though - although i'll warn you she tries to slip a little tongue! :lol:
  • A gang/support group!image
  • I think it's the temperment I'm attracted too as well though lol I'm quite laid back to the thought of a bit of a feisty one on my hands could be fun. For a while. Or is that an untrue stereotype? image
    Just to defend myself- it's the guy who plays Little Cook who I fancy not so much when he's riding about on his big spoon lol
    Sporticus is a bit of a ride but the show weirds me out so he's not worth it!

    Rosa x
  • my lo is red and its such a gorgeous colour!!! mine is brown but where i have dyed it so much it looks more ginger!!! lol!!

    hubs is blonde/grey with a grey/orange beard when it grows!!! lol

  • yes lol we can look out for each other image
  • is it possibly his tiny stature that is attractive? image

    I had a bit of a thing for Martin Fowler on Easties, not red head but still a bit strange....
  • PMSL Grudie I cant remember nursery rhymes so make them up too LOL, always manage to put my nephew & 2 godsons to sleep!!!
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