Anyone OVing now?Cycle buddy?


i just POAS and got two pos lines (OPKs), and although my cycles are all messed up it'd be good if anyone else was OVing now and then we could go into 2WW together and test around the same time?

I wouldnt be much of a cycle buddy at other times, but at least we could do it for now, or if there are any other cycle buddies i could join you maybe?

I have a CBFM but missed the postman delivering my sticks and so ive just used the ??7 for 7 tesco ones. I tried yesterday and had an 'almost the same colour as the control line' then did it about half an hour ago and got two strong lines.

Oh i seem to have rambled!! Well, hopefully i'll find someone!!:roll:

x x x


  • Me!!!! Got my smiley face yesterday and today woohoo! Waiting for OV is sometimes as bad as the 2WW! Sending u lots and lots of sticky babydust xxx
  • Hoooray!! You too!! I was very regular until hubby said we could try so i get all worked up and mess up my cycles!!!

    Hmmm, guess we'll be busy for a wee whiley now!!!

    x x x
  • Oh no! Easy to say try and relax but its not easy to do! My cycles are really regular now but its taken a long time, took me a year and a half to have proper AFs after the pill, never going back on it!!

    Im not really charting or anything, stopped using CBFM etc cos it got far too stressful and put way too much pressure on us, OH wouldnt even BD so we took a break but now things are going well. I just use the CBD OPKs to see the smiley face haha and i only ever use 2 sticks now cos i know when im OV.
    We've BD all week every other day, did lastnight, and im hoping to persuade him to tonight as well hehe even though i know he's really tired, we had a heavy night out lastnight!
    Blimey i have rambled on a bit....sorry!! xxx
  • No!! You havent rambled!!!

    Hmmm, i did a test last night and the line wasnt too dark and i burst out crying!! I really need to calm down!!

    You seem so quizzed up and smart-you are doing all the right things by not getting stressed!! i really do want to be like that!!

    x x x
  • I was like that hun, it really started to affect our relationship, we had other issues as well, but it really isnt good when u start arguing about sex!! Trouble is u gotta get like that to realise it and then u will think to yourself 'hang on...calm down' cos u know its not doing u any good and its not gonna help get that BFP! it will happen for u xxx
  • i know three is a crowd but can i join please? Ive just got my first ever positive OPK and im slightly excited! lol Im on CD20 so i thought it was never going to come!

    Does it mean I need to BD everynight until the OPK is negative again? New to all this so im not sure, you'd think id got my BFP by how excited i am lol

    Good luck to you both! xx
  • Could I make it an even 4??? I'm going by my CM but I'm pretty sure it's that time today. It would be great to be able to share.

    Thank you and good luck xxxx
  • Make it 5! i got my smiley Fri (cd13) tested again yesterday and no smiley. We've bd'd last sun (cd8) tues, thursday, friday and sat. Gonna do it again tonight and tmw then I will let dh have a rest haha.
    Def trying to relax in this 2ww, altho i just bought Nicky canon's baby book to help remind me to stay calm. if I got a smiley Fri and not sat do I count sat as 1 dpo?
  • Come on in ladies, more the merrier!!! Wishing u all lots of luck and baby dust, and the most important is that we have to keep eachother all nice and relaxed haha esp Home Fairy!!

    Little_button yes keep BDing hun, the positive is telling u that you are about to ovulate in the next 24-36 hours xxx
  • I'm not sure what day to count from either, not sure if I'm in with a chance as I think I ov'd today but only bd'd yesterday and day before. Hubby not very well. Probably be ok tomorrow, but not sure how it works still - lol.

    Good luck and lots of baby dust to all.

  • I count the day i get my negative as 1dpo.Trixy u have a great chance, sperm can live up to 5 days inside u. Its more important to BD in the lead up to OV so that the sperm are there waiting for the egg to be released xxx
  • btw, how many times does everyone bd when ov-ing? we've done it once a day sun, tues, thurs, fri sat and then 2day and tmw but i wanted to do it twice but poor dh has done his back in and so we're lucky to be doing it once lol- do u reckon it's enough?
    ooh babydust all around fingers crossed for us all xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Its plenty! Im sensing raising stress levels ladies, please try to remember it only takes one....i know u want to give yourself the best possible chance but its not good to put so much pressure on yourself xx
  • you're right and this is me being calm lol , thanx Pickle xxx
  • lol i'v been there, if u lot get stressed i will too haha and u dont wanna see that!!! xx
  • Thanks Pickle, you're very right and thank you for your advice. I'm so clueless, any help is appreciated.

    V xxx
  • You're very welcome. I'm sure i'll learn a thing or two from all of you too xxx
  • Hello!
    Do you think I might join you too?! I was in the 2WW thread but think I have got my cycles a bit wrong and am actually ovulating about now!
    We have messed up the timing of BD'ing it would seem but I am still going to keep my fingers crossed!
    Pickle I am hoping your calmness will rub off on me as well image
  • Oooh im so glad there are lots of ladies here, how exciting!!! yes Pickle should be leader and then she will keep us all calm!!!

    I am being as excited with a pos opk as i would be with a bfp too!!

    I think i messed up with the opks though. This is my first pos and i should really have been bding before now, but we just havent and so i think maybe this is the first high and ive missed some chances.

    Though i did listen to Pickle when she said that it only takes one little spermy!!!

    x x x
  • Lets hope i stay calm haha, think i will, i know its going to happen, thats what i keep telling myself. Sometimes all this TTC gets a bit too technical and mechanical and we get so caught up in all the plannng etc that we forget what its all really about. Oh listen to me going on...i want a baby just as much as u all do and am obsessed with getting pregnant lol! Mrs Cake and Homefairy, you're still both in with a chance! If u only have sex once anywhere in your cycle there is always a chance, however slim or unlikely, theres still that chance image xxx
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