tilted womb

hi ladies i found out i had a tilted womb when i had to go for a scan 4 weeks ago have any of you got this and is it causing problems ttc this has never been picked up though when i have had a smear.x


  • Hi Jay79. I have this too but as far as I'm aware it doesn't affect fertility, can just make the trying a bit painful!!
    I only found out when I had a scan when I was 17 - don't think you can tell from a smear.
    I wouldn't worry x
  • thanks was starting to stress.x
  • Yes, I have this too, it was picked up after I MC'd - totally unrelated though, and I carried my DD to term with no problems.

    Hannah xx
  • im sure i read if you have this its better to have sex from behind, it makes it easier for the swimmers.
  • Hi there - mine was picked up during a smear. We conceived after 18 months but the delay wasn't to do with this. I also heard that from behind is supposed to be more effective. Good luck!

    K x
  • Hi, i also have one of these but conceived my ds with no problems. I did have a lot of back pain in labour which i think was down to a tilted womb.

    Good luck x
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