Can I Join you ladies??

hi girls,

i have a DD already, she's 15 months, her name is brooke and i absolutely adore her!!

We started TTC when she was 4 months but it was sort of half hearted & more like "if it happens, it happens". when AF paid me a visit on 30/06/2009 then didnt show up again i was convinced i was preg, POAS about 200 times n all BFN then no visit from AF 4 7 months so started with pregnacare conception, EPO, Agnus Castus and Dong Quai in mid jan and AF showed up 44 days later on 27th Feb!! dunno if it was conciedence (sp?) of the tablets worked!!

I've been referred to the fertility clinic and at my app the specialist told me 2 lose some weight and go back in 3 months, my next app is 10th june so fingers crossed that i'll be preg by then n not need it!!

I've still been taking all my supplements and improved my diet so i'm currently on CD19 n keeping my fingers crossed that AF comes on 27th (or somewhere around there), i know thats a very strange thing to be hoping when TTC but at least it will mean i have some sort of normality with my cycles, dont fancy TTC with a cyle of 8 months lol, might take a while!!

Anyway, sorry for waffling but thats my story, wishing u all get ur BFP's soon and (in the nicest way possible) that we're not in here long enough 2 get 2 know each other 2 well lol xxxx image


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