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Sorry to keep boring you all with my guess work but this 2 week wait is turning into a 3 week one and writing it out seems to help clear my head. I usually get full on PMT symptoms up to 10 days before period. I am now on day 31 of a 26 to 31 day cycle and have zero symptoms of PMT. The most striking thing is that I feel level headed and happy not irratable and moody like I usually am.

I have been very tired and a couple of days ago felt a bit like I had wind (but I didn't). Had the occasional sharp pain to one side but not low down like AF pain, it's been at belly button level.

I have taken tests last Sunday, yesterday and for some reason this morning and they have all been a BFN. (first two were digital and todays was a cheapo one that is only accurate from day period is due.)

Not sure what I expect anyone to say but helps to get it off my chest instead of dwelling on it. I aren't taking anymore tests until I am very late now as getting a BFN each time is a bit stressful. Better to wait for AF and if it doesn't show (hopefully!) I'll test a few days after that.

If I aren't preganant then my body is taking the pee out of me this month! :roll:

Good luck and baby dusrt to all of you ttc and those of you who are in the dreaded two week wait you have my upmost sympathy. ((((((((((((0)))))))))))))))) xxx


  • hold on in there hun maybe give it a couple of days and test again i sometimes wonder how we all cope with the stress but it will be all worth it in the end when we all get that bfp

    good luck hun fingers crossed for you xxx
  • feels like it'll never happen sometimes. This month has been the hardest so far. Lots of luck and baby dust to you too image xx
  • Not boring us at all, we all go through the same and I totally agree, it's nice to share with people who understand and don't think you're totally mad! Does sound promising despite the BFNs. I've read on here loads of times about people not getting a BFP until weeks after they're PG, so although BFNs are disheartening AF is the only real sign it's an unlucky month.

    How long have you been trying?

    Seems we're in similar stages of our cycles, I'm due this weekend. Not too positive as have had more signs of AF on the way, but you never know.

    Lots of luck. Hope AF stays away.

  • Hi, I am very new to all this and havn't got used to my cycles yet so if anyone can give me any advice that would be great! but my AF showed it's ugly face yesterday and I have really bad AF's, bad pains and mood swings, I wake up some
    night's crying with pain in my lower back.
    I stoped taking the pill a couple of months ago and we really gutted this month when I came on.
  • We've been trying since May this year. First time trying was on Honeymoon and I was really gutted when I came on whilst waiting in an Airport in Saudi Arabia! I think I was expecting it to be instant. Mind you I'd had very little sleep and it was during part two of a 24 hour journey ome so wasn't in the best of moods anyway. Since then I've been watching my body carefully and this month has been very different from the others. Fingers crossed! I've see a lot of stories where women have had strong AF symptoms just before they had a BFP Daisy girl so don't lose hope just yet. Ain't over til AF arrives. I'll probably be on here loads over this weekend whilst I am worrying and wishing away AF so keep us updated with any news image
    JoChris, Hi and welcome to the site. I've only been on here for about a week or so and finding it very useful if only so I can have a rant and obsess without getting funny looks. lol. Your AF sounds very painful image When I stopped the pill my period symptoms were worse than they used to be but settled down after about 4 months. I took Hyoscine tablets ('s mainly for IBS and stops cramping of the muscles.) with paracetamol and codeine. Really worked for me and got rid of the bad pain. Hope you feel better soon xxx
  • Hi Mrs Jules, thanks for the welcome and thanks for the advice about the Hyoscine tablets.
    I hope they do settle down because they are worse than what they used to be.
    Thanks xxx
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