when to test????

O.K here is the thing.....my cycle lengths have been between 30-39 days, so it would mean that AF would be due on the following days depening on cycle length this time:

30 day - Today
33 day - Friday 16th
39 day - Thursday 22nd

OH wants me to test tomorrow but tbh I dont think I should....any advice would be lovely as I have no idea when to poas lol xxxxx


  • heya image leave it as late as poss. i would say 22nd, but its up to you hun as ur not sure when u ov'd xxxx
  • hi. Personally i would wait as longs by you can. But this is cos i hate a bfn and you could still get bfn if your af is not quite due yet. Some women don't seem to get a bfp until a week after af is due anyway. You'd also save wasting a test. But depends how tempted you are. I would find it difficult to wait! If you do test early use a superdrug or first response as they are more sensitive then use a cbd if its positive a few days after. X
  • Hiya,

    GC from Planning a Baby.

    Just before I fell pregnant with my DS, my cycle increased to around 35 days, so it is all a little confusing!

    If I were you, I would wait until CD35 so you're bang in the middle, this will give your body a few more days to produce the right amount of HCG to show up on the test so you are not left disappointed if testing too early.

    Hope it's BFP for you!

    Hayley x
  • Oky doky so we are thinking the 22nd? Right going to have to muster up all my will power in order for that lol.....thank you ladies xxxx
  • Yeah I think I am going to wait hun and see what happens in the next week.....soooo hard though and I just wanna pee on that stick lol.....when do you think you'll test again? xxxx
  • Yeah I would say wait until the weekend hun and see what happens....really hope the witch doesnt show up for you bab.
    You 2 sweetie xxxx
  • Well ladies I did a stupid thing today and I tested BFN of course....god why did I do it I knew in my heart of hearts that it would be....I just know we havent done it this month.....said to OH this morning that by the amount of BD we ahve done this cycle I should be PG 3 times over.....right where is the chocolate lol xxxx
  • you can share mine hon xx
  • awwww sorry u got bfn, its too early tho! u may of done it, u just tested too soon! *naughty* ooo could do with some choc right now!
  • Thanks chick....think we need a bucket load xxxx
  • I know I am naughty its OH fault lol he was saying last night 'are you testing tomorrow' so of course stupid me did....took my temp again this morning and it has gone down slightly.....right 3 of us all sharing chocolate definitely need a truck load lol xxx You ok today hun? xxxxx
  • yeah im great fanx, doin ov test at 10 and 7 today so i dont miss ov, i can feel a few ov pains i think so hoping its stronger line that it has been! yay. getting my new sofa delivered today so im excited image u ok? xxx
  • Ooooo its all sounding good then hun...keep peeing on that stick lol.
    New sofa very swish image
    Yeah I am ok today feeling better than I was first thing this morning xxx
  • good good image dont worry its too early to test ur not out yet and yeah we bought it with some of the money we got from our wedding gifts to buy it, cant wait til its all in and i can sit on on it chill while watching hollyoaks 2nite!
  • You never fail to make me laugh bab lol xx
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