FAO Miss88

Hi hun,

Just thought I'd check in and see how you're doing, not seen you on the board for a few days?



  • Hey donnat2004,

    Yeah ive had a huge ear infection for the last couple of days...

    Still have all my symptoms and a messed up AF... Got an appt with the Doctor tomorrow so hopefully will find out whether im pregnant or not and if not what the hell is wrong with me......

    I get so sick when im hungry when after ive eaten i feel sick again, i just cant win.

    Having 2 hour naps in the afternoons too...

    Hows things with you? AF come or she stayed away?

    Talk to you real soon xx
  • Hi hun,
    Sorry to hear that you're feeling rubbish. The witch got me last Wednesday so on CD7 today. Back to the SMEP for us this month!
    Hope you get some answers from the doctors, let me know how you got on. Got my fingers crossed for you cc
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