I can't believe how difficult this is!!

Hi everyone, I'm new here! Lol
My husband and I have been trying for a baby since August last year...well, in honesty up until February this year we hadn't been "trying" on a daily basis and I wasn't too worried that I hadn't been getting pregnant because I put it down to that. BUT (lol) we have been trying seriously since Feb, and I am slightly disappointed that it hasn't happened straight away! :\? I know it's probably irrational to be getting worried, but I am fairly young-ish (26), my periods are as regular as clockwork...and...where is this baby!!!? I don't want to get too worked up about it because I know it can mess with the whole fertility thing. You grow up thinking it just takes the one time to fall pregnant...if only, hey!? I can't help but feel there's something wrong with me. :cry: Most of my friends are on their 2nd or 3rd baby... Omg it's so frustrating. I've worked out when I'm fertile and ovulating... I just don't know what else I can do. I'm not the most patient of people as well, so that doesn't help! Lol


  • Hi hun, great name! To be honest I think a lot of ladies are surprised when they don't fall pg straight away- we are told as teenagers that it only takes once, and don't realise that it's a very finely tuned process even when things are all perfectly normal. It's brilliant that you have regular cycles as it's very likely that you're ovulating every month (I don't have periods or ovulate due to pcos, on Clomid now but that's another story). We have been trying for a year now with various problems- me and hubby.
    I'd give it a couple more months, maybe try ovulation kits to find out when you're ov-ing, then if you're worried maybe go and see your GP. Not that I think for a minute that anything's wrong, but it might put your mind at rest. Stay relaxed if you can, I find this difficult but keeping your mind off ttc and carrying on with interests is important I think :\)
  • Hey LadyGooGoo, welcome!
    Were you on the pill? This can take some time to leave your system. Now you are trying properly you may find you get your BFP soon. I've heard quite a feel people talking about using the ovulation kits - have you thought about trying those?
    Please try not to get to worked up and worried over it all - enjoy the bd'ing while you can! xx
  • Your doing everything you can, unfortably with ttc there's only so much you can do and the rest is up to chance!
    It is hard, and can be so demoralising. Eating healthly, bding around ov, all these are small changes that can really increase your chances.
    I wish I HD the magic answer, If I did I would be on number two by now, even when you have the ups and down there are us "friends" on here who have been going through the same up and downs and will listen when you need to rant or cry, when your imagining symptoms, when you test at 7 dpo and cry when it's bfn, and will be sook jealous but happy for you when you get your bfp and leave us to join pregnancy.

    I really wish you the best of luck and say what everyone says.... Maybe this month will be YOUR month!

  • Hey, thanks for replying, and the advice.
    I think I will try the ovulation kits if there is no news at the end of this month. Is there any particular brand that you would recommend, or are they all pretty much the same?
    I was on the pill, I had been for 5 years, I came off it 18 months ago and my periods went back to "normal" straight away (very painful! Great being a girl, isn't it!? Lol).
    Thanks again girls... image x
  • Grrr my iphone changes words to silly ones, hope you get the idea x
  • Baby-princess - thank you, too!
    I'm so pleased to have discovered this website, it's great to get these things off my chest because I want to keep it relatively private, so I don't want to tell my family/friends that we're trying because I want it to be a big surprise. But, I now feel like I need to talk to people about little issues I'm having. image x
  • I have found friends haven't been so helpful, telling me to "relax" or " it will happen when you stop trying" if someone knows how to relax with unexplained infertility they should bottle and sell it because it's effing impossible!!!!!
    I recommend a cleaR blue fertility moniter they are about 65 quid on amazon and then you just buy the sticks that go with it every month, plus it's more accurate then opks as it's tests two hormones rather then one like opks do xx
  • hey hun, ive bought some ovulation stick of ebay, from hong kong, really cheap so im chuffed with them, takes about 20days deliervery. defo try ebay for ovulation sticks or clear blue monitor good value for money xx
  • yes I got those cheap OPK from ebay too, i hope they work. WIll check them this month.

    Lady, i am in the same boat ... wasn't trying hard but when I dint get pregnant the past few months I am starting to get worried. I have always had normal cycles, been on pill for 3 months only. ets hope we do get pregnant soon image

    I even considered going to Dr but decided to wait.

    DH is taking some supplements which i think may had affected it. But he promised me to stop them. I hope he will :S
  • I had considered going to the doctor, but I think if there's still no baby after a year I'll go. I can't wait a year for a baby though! Need to think rationally! Lol Thanks for the recommendations girls! x
  • I don't know if I'm reading it wrong (and I apologise if I am) but I think if you're bd'ing every day that can affect the quality of the sperm making them less effective as the body doesn't have a chance to grow them properly. Every 2-3 days will give the sperm a chance to mature properly and sperm lives for 2-3 days so could still fertilise an egg if you ovulate in that time.

    We're not ttc yet but I'm terrified of starting as I know each bfn will kill me a little bit so I'm in awe of those who do. Good luck to you all xx
  • Hi LadyGooGoo, have a watch of the Great Sperm Race on You Tube. It really explains it very well about how too often might not be too good as Jemma says. We have been the same since we started ttc going for it as much as possible, but from everything I've been reading, we're going to go for quality rather than quantity this month and see where that gets us - still only month three for us though.
  • just thought id say that it can take a normal healthy couple 12-18 month to concieve,even if you are bding at the right times,i no its horrible but thats mostly why docs say to wait until you have been properly ttc a year

    hopefully youl get your bfp soon
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