Month 2 with NO PEAK on Clerblue Digital Monitor!

Well I've just finished month two with days and days of High on the monitor but no peak.
I guess this means I am not ovulating and I'll have to go to the doctor. But I keep thinking, why me??? Has anyone else had this experience? I need someone to say it will all be ok!!


  • Didnt want to r&r but have no knowledge of cbm. Perhaps its just not picking it up properly. Try not to be disheartened hun.
  • hi ,as long as ur having a period you are ovulating.hope this helps.x
  • my periods are fairly regular (still not back to 100% regularity since coming off the pill last year) I thought so too...but why can't I get a damn peak?!?! image
    Thanks both of you..
  • hi hun i'm now starting month 3 with no peak yet all highs!

    Seen GP a couple of weeks ago as been trying since oct 07, so have had blood taken so they can test to see if deffinatley OV or NOT !!

    Deffo worth speaking to your GP !!

    Good luck your not alone
  • Just thought I'd update you in that I got a peak today!! Woo hoo, I am ridiculously excited!
    As it was day 24 (and my last AF was 32 days) I was convinced it was already too late for it to happen this month, and was convinced I was somehow broken. Just to know I am producing some LH is great news!
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