so im on cd 5 and my pma is back with avengence (? is that the right word?)
i've been reading Zita West's fertility & conception book and so we're getting into a healthier diet- lots more protein, less dairy, tons of water and im cutting out alcohol except for special occasssions. im even gonna go and buy a water filter!! yay!!
still toying with the idea of a cbfm, saw that duofertility thing which looks amazingly fabulous but so unbelievably expensive so thats def out of the question.
come on babydust!!!! bring it on


  • nice to read such a positive post
    glad you have so much PMA, can I borrow some? LOL
    Wish you the best of luck this month with healthier diet and all that
  • woohoo! loving the positivnes kaitiB! glad to see some pma, i think a few have lost it this month, chucking lots of PMA, shucks way image xxxxx
  • im totally willing to share the pma girlies!! got myself a water filter/chiller altho decided to use up my opks this month and get a cbfm if needs be next month- start my bd-ing monday.
    Come on ladies, share the pma!!! babydust to all xxx
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