TTC Food Diary :D New for 2010

Hi Ladies,

I thought i would do a 2010 food diary up and get rid of the crap we ate in 2009 :lol:

I will be putting my food diary on as from today (well tonight) because i am determined this year - i will be the size 0 i have always dreamt of - JOKE image

Look forward to seeing if you have been good today my lovelys!!!

Speak soon xxxxxxxxx


  • i wasnt in the last one, but id like to join this one if thats ok?

    I guess i should do it at the end of the day, so i will be back later...and trying to stay away from those stray quality streets!!
  • welcome

    thanks tink for the new diary. im not sure if i will make it to the healthy eating till next week. af is imminent and all i am eating is crap although i do have a healthy dinner im just going to try the best i can over the next week and throw myslef into it as off monday the 11th.xxxx

    good luck girls.xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey I am with you girlies - have eaten really well all day though hubby and I have a rare day off together and he has just asked if I want takeaway . . . .!
  • why do men always do

    well i have decided i will just own up to what im eating and maybe that will scare we into eating better.

    ok today

    cup of tea
    dry roasted peanuts
    lots of chocs & chocolate
    didnt eat any meals
    although dinner was quit healthy
    salmon, homemade roast pots (roated in olive oil)
    broccoli & caultiflower.

    i have had spotting today 3 or 4 days early so im sure af is on her way and thats my excuse.
  • Today I had...

    A bowl of porridge
    A cup of ginger tea
    Cheese and pickle sandwich
    Two satsumas
    Salmon, herb roasted potatoes in herbs and mange tout for dinner.
    Most likely some Cadbury's whole nut for pudding!!

    And then we're going to finish off a half opened bottle of Prosecco...not healthy I know, but it's the last for now image
  • Today I have had

    Bowl of cheerios
    Muller light
    2 x Small Ham Salad Cobs
    Ready Salted Walkers
    Uncle Bens Cantonese Sauce with chicken and rice
    3 x Chocolate biscuits

    I'm hungry now so will have a banana and a satsuma! Not done any exercise - this is my aim for tomorrow :lol: xx
  • Hi girls. Tink: thanks for starting a new thread
    Good to see some new faces on the food diary too. Welcome.

    well, I am following a slimming world meal plan(first meeting Wednesday night)
    Today I had

    one slice of wholemeal toast with baked beans
    hand full of grapes
    mullerlight apricot
    chicken jambalaya(chicken with quorn sausage, peppers, courgette and rice cooked in stock and canned tomatoes)
    mixed fruit(mango, pineapple, pear, kiwi) with 2tbsp fat free natural yoghurt
    some leftover chicken jambalaya
    1.5L water

    no exercise image don't have time atm because I am studying so much for exam next week

    still haven't had any syns(slimming world naughty points) today so might treat myself to a biscuit

  • Ok today i had:

    Bowl of fat free yogurt for breakfast
    a couple (left over from tea last night) of home made chicken strips (so grilled chicken in bread crums)
    meat lasagna-very little meat and made up with lots of veg a small layer of white sauce but some grated cheese on top.

    Ive had about 4 cups of tea though...not good at cutting down on the tea. And about a pint of water.

    Tomorrow i will aim to start drinking water earlier in the day, thereby drink more.
  • Hi Ladies,

    I thought someone had done a new food diary post and was taking over until i realised it was a weighing one :lol:

    Well today i have had 2 slices of toast - i had a thought over Xmas, i always used to make 3 slices and be greedy and i had a 4 slice toaster so it was easy to do so i bought a two slice toaster over xmas. I now can never be arsed to go back and put that extra slice in so i only have two!!!

    Anywho i had
    2 toast with ICBINB light and light philly
    2 biscuits
    coffee 1s ss milk
    3 small wholemeal rolls with ham and very light salad cream and some baked walkers crisps
    peach activia yoghurt
    2 small chicken fillets wrapped in bacon (i made it so not much bacon), a handful of chips and veg
    slice of homemade (by me again) choc cake (low fat believe it or not)
    3-4 glasses of no added sugar juice
    i also listened to my paul mckenna CD and did 40 mins exercise on the Wii Fit.

    I know i was crap in what i ate but i have a problem if i cut out sugar straight away i get the shakes so i am doing it gradually and i am hoping *crossing fingers* that the PMK CD will work!!!
  • Hi Ladies, hope you don't mind if I join in too?! I'm on weight watchers, lost 2 stone last year and would love to lose one more (are you still allowed to diet when you are pg?!)

    So yesterday I had a bowl of porridge with a handful of blueberries and a tablespoon on ground mixed seeds.
    Lunch was seeded roll with tuna and extra light mayo with salad, a pack of wotsits and an apple.
    Dinner was a beef and spinach pasta pie thing (bit like lasagne but low fat version) followed by a pack of maltesers and a weight watchers yogurt thing.
    Also walked the pooch for about 45 mins.

    Today I had porridge with mixed seeds, planning the same thing for lunch as yesterday and have a homemade chicken curry (which is AMAZING and only 9 points including rice!)
    Already been out with the dog in the snow for 30 mins, will take her again this evening and planning on doing some wii active too if I can be bothered lol.

    Hope you're all having lovely healthy days xx
  • hi girls,

    i have given up drinking during the week and its actually going better than expected!! drinkning tonic on its own, so seems like a G&T!
    anwyay, food wise yesterday went like this:
    break: 2 x weetabix with semi skimmed milk - tea = caffeine
    snack: low fat cup a soup
    lunch: cous cous with cucumber and peppers & banana
    dinner: breaded haddock with boiled pots and green beans
    had a few sneaky quality streets and salted nuts - but think the rest of the day was pretty good!

    looking forward to this healthy eating and no alcohol and caffeine to pay off next month! xx
  • Hello ladys. Can I join ???? image image image

    Brkfast: Porridge
    Lunch: 2 Quorn sausages and scram egg
    Dinner: I am having a piece of samon and rice with veg(or maby salad)
    Had 4 glasses of sugar free squash and having 1 glass of coke zero after dinner image image image

    I am going to do 5 mins excersize :lol:

    Good Luck ladys Doing well xxx
  • welcome yummymummy and gembags. im still doing crap but af is nearly here so im blaming that and setting myself next monday for total diet makeover.

    yummymummy your breakfast sound lovely i love porridge with blueberries and seeds in just cant make myself eat in the morning. that is my new target to make myself eat breakfast.

    well today i ate

    cup of tea
    small carton orange juice
    weetabix ceral bar
    2 slices toast & low fat pate
    small packet crinkle cheddars
    roses sweets (i need to get the tin finished before the weekend).lol
    dinner was salmon pasta (made from the phillidelphia receipes)made with wholemeal pasta
    funsize crunchie

    i probably wont be able to resist a cup of tea and a few choc tonight.

    i am doing so badly and i am only eating coz its there. i need to get myself in gear but dont see it happening till af has
  • Hey everyone,

    Has BB got her BFP or something??? She has posted a thread called TEST but i cant see the pic she has posted.

    Anyway today i have had
    2 toast (wholemeal bread - found out white bread brings on my IBS so i wont eat it anymore) with ICBINB light and light philly
    2 shortbread biscuits
    2 roses sweets
    small bottle of tropicana orange smooth
    red leicester, vine tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce sandwich on wholemeal
    2 packets of ready salted walkers
    fish and chips (whoops, went to get a haircut and passed chippy on way home and it was anowing so i couldnt be bothered to nip to supermarket to get fresh salad etc)
    4 glasses of no added sugar juice
    coffee 1s ssmilk - i should tell you now i only ever drink half a cup, OH shouts at me for wasting it but i am not a big tea/coffee drinker but i just sometimes fancy it

    I will be glad when all the xmas food is gone, i am VERY tempted to get a black bag and empty all the xmas food into it because when it is hanging around i end up eating it. I have chocolate and nuts coming out of my ears plus my mum always gets me a food hamper as an extra pressie at xmas with all sorts of nibbles in so i have a lot of pringles and cheeses etc now :\(

    Welcome to the new girls btw xxxxxxx
  • Hiya all

    Ok I said I would be back in the New Year and a promise is a promise he he!

    Waves like a looney :lol:

    4th Jan

    Bowl of oatso simple with syrup
    Cut of hot water with lemon

    Leftover spag bol from night before

    Homemade lentil,veg and bacon soup with roll

    5th Jan
    Been a tad naughty today but do I get a gold star for yesterday? image

    None slept in and woke up full of cold :evil:

    Sausage roll from Greggs yummy :lol:
    Egg sarnie from Greggs
    Few choco raisins (once again very yummy)!!

    Oven chips, omelette with ham, mush and peppers and beans

    That all have had whats the crack with cups of tea?? are you supposed to give up all caffeine when trying or just when preg??

    Dont think I could give up choc and am being serious its bad enough giving up the vino!!! :lol:


  • Hi SD, Yeeeaaahhh i suppose you can have a gold star for the 4th!!!

    I am not sure about the caffeine. My OH's sister is pregnant and still drinks tea! I suppose you could switch to decaff???

    Welcome to the food diary too image xx
  • bum. With very high hopes for yesterday, I was really good till the evening then pigged out on 4 lush white chocolate cookies!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ran out of milk this morning so had a sausage and egg roll from the van at work. BUM BUM BUM. Promised myself I was gonna have fruit salad and muller light from the van, but the sausages looked soo good lol.

    Will pull it back today though, got a lamb and red pepper stew tonight which we'll have with a jacket potato. Will skip the crisps at lunch and just have my roll with an apple.

    Got my first weigh in since xmas tomorrow so MUST behave today, tomorrow is a different story lol
  • Afternoon ladys
    I done my excersize lastnight image Only 5 mins but its a start

    Bkfast: 30g of cereal - OMG it looked about 1/4 of what i uaually have :lol:
    Lunch: Salad and tea with some half sugar sweetner thing i got today
    Dinner: mmmm im hungry lol lol hahahaha
    Not a clue think its fish and new spuds with more salad

    Any one have problems with sweetner it gives me *wispering* the runs *blush*
    its eally hard to diet when i have to make sure its not got sweetner in lol or stay near the loo hahahaha
  • i thought she was preg too, but i think now it was a test that she was trying out how to post something.
    Ive been having fat free yogurt for breakfast, lots of soup and cutting out lots of white carbs!
  • sd you did very well on the

    tink i agree i would love to just chuck all the xmas food in the bin but to be honest it is feeding my af so i am giving myself till monday to sort myself out.

    so today i have eaten

    cup of tea
    cadburys caramel
    oat ceral bar
    small packet crinkle cheddars
    beef fajitas
    5 roses sweets
    chilli doritos
    can of cola

    sd i think tea is ok and isnt too high in caffene but i am going shopping tomorrow night and try
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