Anyone on medication and TTC?

Hi everyone,
Had my coil taken out a few weeks ago, and we were planning to start TTC in Feb. The reason for feb was because I'm on fluoxetine (an antidepressant) and am due to come off in Feb. However we got a bit carried away and didn't use any protection, and am just stressing a bit about potential problems if we have conceived. Was just wondering if anyone is on antidepressants or knows anyone who has been whilst pregnant?
I guess I should really just wait a bit then do a test, but just wondering if any of you lovely ladies had any advice?


  • Hi mrslim,

    TBH I'm not entirely sure on the answer to this one - I used to be on fluoxetine myself and did some research at the time incase it became relevent to us (as it happens we decided to wait anyway). In the research I did I found a lot of conflicting opinions, some people say it's ok, others say it can cause some problems and some say it all depends on the dosage you are taking. I think you should probably make an appt to see the doctor and check with them as it's something you want to be sure you get the right answer about. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Good luck hun.x.
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