Tempted to use CBFM one last month

What to doooooooooooo???? I am crap at temping because i keep forgetting. I will pull my finger out on that though and i have got my OV microscope.

But i just feel like i want to use my CBFM again one more month to see if everything coincides (get me using a big word) regarding OV.

But on the other hand i don't want to waste money on sticks.

Can we have a vote please ladies, we have until the end of the day to decide whether i should use it this one last month before selling it or not?

Thank image

tink xx


  • how many months have you used it for? it does recommend after 6 months of using it to stop and poss see a doc
  • tink i have a few sticks left ,you are more than welcome to them!!
    how long have you been using the CBFM for?

    i used mine for nearly a year!! good luck xxx
  • Only 2 cycles - please dont laugh. I enjoyed using it but my periods are so unpredictable that i found it was just flashing at me all the time waiting for my period to start. My last cycle was 28 days then this one was 45-46 days so i never have a regular cycle. It has gone into the 60's before as well. I didnt stop using it because it hadnt got me pregnant or anything, i just thought maybe it wasnt for me because i wanted something i could use everyday. On my last cycle i never got a peak and it went back to low on CD27 and obv stopped asking me to POAS but i still had a cycle for an extra 20 odd days!!! Does that make sense???

  • i didnt get a peak on my 4th cycle also chick,id maybe carry on if i were you

    you have to be dedicated to temp testing for it to be at its most accurate
  • I would carry on for a bit longer hun until you've used it for maybe 6 months? There have been so many positive stories on here about BFPs after using the CBFM that I'm convinced it's worth it! Good luck xx
  • I would carry on with your CBFM hun, give it another go x
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