CBFM Highs - confusion???

Hi all,

I've been off the pill for 2 months and for the past month have been using CBFM, and have had 'high' readings every day from day 6, no lows, no peaks nothing. And today af came on day 23!?! (I always used to have a 29 day cycle!)

Has anyone else had constant highs or does this mean my cycle is completely screwed up?? Part of me wishes I'd never bought the damn thing! It took 10 months of trying to get dd and I was just hoping to speed things up a bit this time! Oh well, what will be will be!

No need to reply, just confused hormonal venting! xxx

Good luck and babydust to all! xxx


  • Try not to despair, CBFM uses the first month to get used to your cycle and levels. Fingers crossed it works better for you next month xx
  • Hello Dappytart (hilarious name)

    It's completely normal to get just highs, or lows and highs during your first month using it. During your next cycle, you're likely to get lows, then highs, then two peaks followed by a high then back to low. It's difficult to predict when those peaks will come though.

    Please come and join us in the CBFM club thread - we're all ladies who are using the little gadget and there's a wealth of experience between us all if you have any more questions! xx

  • Thank you! I will come and join you Chickychoo, I did think of posting on the thread but it had been going for a while so I felt like a bit of an imposter!
    Lawso - I did think I read somewhere in the 'book' they gave you that it could take a cycle to get to know you but I couldn't find it again so thought I may have imagined it! I'd heard of people getting all lows but never all highs! Oh well, onwards and upwards!
    Thanks girls xxx
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