12 month question!

hiiiiiiiiii image

if i dont get my BFP in the next few days il be going into month 12 off ttc image

i no this is when im 'allowed' to see the doctor about things but im not really sure what to say?

what tests will they do and stuff??




  • Hi hun ive just been going through the exact same thing and in my 12th month of ttc.
    I went to the docs and just said to her that had been ttc for 1 year and hadnt fallen yet. She will ask you a few personal questions like have you ever fallen before, do you have any sti, what innoculations have you had. She will also want to know roughly how long your cycles last and how long your actual period lasts. She did also ask me if i was extra hairy in places, which i thought was a hilarious quesion, but i think they have to ask that as possible sign of pcos.
    So anyway i then had to go back and have my bloods taken at cd21 as they will test that for thyroid probs, diabetes, rubella and the most important your progesterone levels to ensure you are actually ovulating. You then go back a week later for the results and an internal exam so the doc can do a quick check and take tests for stis and check if any probs there.
    Fortunately i didnt have to have the internal exam as i took a pg test the morning i was going to docs and got a v v v faint line. Not announcing as definate bfp yet as want to get a darker line first before i do that.

    I would maybe ask for a lady doctor too as i did feel more comfortable talking to a lady doctor (my usual doc is a man).

    Well hope that helps hun and good luck xx
  • thanks for the info love image im just praying i dont have to go, im 2 days late now but still testing negative image

    i also had an internal in december after my mc and she said everything looked normal so i suppose thats one good thing image

    and i no what you mean about having a lady doctor, i get so embarrassed with my normal gp, hes 60 year old man lol

    good luck with your darker line though image

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