A question for you all................

I got home from work last night to find my ov sticks had arrived! Very excited, tested straight away and it came up positive so, after our return from the Mary J concert we got busy!

Well, the thing is, my h2b asked me a question and I truly didn't know the answer but it has bugged me!

-If you test positive on an OV stick, is there a possibility you could be pregnant if you have been on the case already, but not a BFP on a pregnancy test'?

Let me know your thoughts. Sorry if it sounds stupid but is it a possibility!



  • Erm, i'm not 100% but I would say that surely when your pg you stop ov so then you would test negative on an ov stick?? Maybe lol x
  • Hmm, not sure about this one, never thought about it b4! Im pretty sure I remember reading something about its possible to get a pos on ov stick, then soon after get a pos on hpt, so I think thats kind of the same thing. But cant remember if the person had tested on a hpt and got neg first....... When is af due?
  • My AF is due on 16th June, going on holiday on Friday so at least I won't be tempted to test between now and my AF!

    I can't wait to get a BFP, I think about it 24/7!

  • the instructions say that if you are preg or recently miscarried, it can scew the ov test results so i suppose you could be. the ov test measure an lh surge though which to do with oving and not preg so i am not sure. it will be an agonising wait to find out! keep trying now though - good luck XX
  • I am pretty sure there was something about this on http://www.peeonastick.com

    Good luck xx
  • I've not heard of this one before. I kept getting repeated +ov tests for 8 days in a row, and then I did a pg test and it was positive.
  • Here's the bit from peeonastick.com, asking if you can use an OPK as a HPT!

    Overall-- yes, it can be done. Ovulation predictor tests (known as OPK's because they are normally sold in a set of tests known as a "kit," thus the K) will show a positive result when a woman is pregnant, as well as when she's ovulating.

    Specifically-- while it works most of the time, there are good reasons to avoid using an OPK as an HPT for diagnostic purposes. If you want to pee on any stick that will stand still after you know you're pregnant, just for fun, have at it. But I would not recommend using an OPK in place of an HPT overall.

    Reasoning-- OPK's detect LH (luteinizing hormone) which is the hormone associated with ovulation. Pregnancy tests detect hCG, the hormone associated with pregnancy. LH and hCG are, at a molecular level, nearly identical. hCG has a beta subunit, meaning it has an extra little "doodad." To use a stupid but easy to understand example, LH and hCG are identical twins, except that hCG wears a funny hat.

  • During the week before I got my BFP I got something like 5 +ive ov sticks. So yes - this can definitely be an indicator of pregnancy.

    14 weeks today!
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