Early AF...opinions?

Hi girls,

So I made it to lunchtime before coming online LOL

Need some opinions pretty please - even if it's not what I want to hear !

This morning felt really good and positive about ttc, still had a slight ache in my lower tummy but thought nothing of it.

Had checked my cervix at the weekend, it was definately soft and open so did lots of bd with oh Sunday / Monday just in case I was lucky enough to get caught having just had coil taken out the week before.

This lunch I checked again, and it's really hard and couldnt feel the opening, and when I went to wash my hands there was fresh red blood under my fingernail (so sorry, FAR TMI!), so then checked with a tissue and there was definately fresh blood there (light red, but red all the same)......

Anyway - do you think I might have scratched myself - or do you think the dreaded is on it's way, or my coil removal playing havoc with cycle?

Oh GOD - I'm turning myself into such a nutter already LOL ..


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    Some girls spot when they ovulatem so maybe that the reason?
    As i think its too early for implantation.
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