af already!

Posted the other day about pinky brown spotting after my follow up scan on Weds, and how confused I was as to what it meant, as had been told at scan to expect af anytime in next four weeks.

Well, today it was brown 'old' blood this morning, and is now red. So I am assuming that it is af, and counting this as cd1.

Cant understand why this wasnt mentioned at the scan, but there you go! :roll:


  • oh wow so soon! well that is good that you now know where you are.

    i thought my bleeding had stopped as didn't have any since yesterday afternoon but this afternoon it started again image but hopefully stopping again. i'm fed up now!

    good luck for this month hun xxx
  • I suppose everyone is different. At least you have your af so will know where you stand with your cycle when you feel ready to ttc again. Sending you lots of sticky babydust!!xx
  • Thanx guys x

    mrs_e, mine was a bit stop-go too at first, but had not had any in the week b4 scan, so I was miffed when it started again after it! x

    hjanea, I had already started ttc in the hope of a bfp this cycle, as have been told you are more fertile after mc (dont know if thats true or a myth tho). But at least I can maybe have a rough idea as to when to expect ov now, providing my cycle settles that is! x

    Its a bit weird tho, as thought I had ewcm last weekend, so if it was then af has shown up very soon after??? :\? :\?

    My head hurts! :roll:
  • Sorry, I'm hopeless at remembering where everyone is at with what they're doing. Dont know if that made sense!!!lol. Perhaps its just your hormones adjusting after the mc?
  • lol! I find it hard to keep track too, so youre not alone! Yeah, it did cross my mind that its down to hormones (isnt everything! lol!!) If it is af, then Im kinda hoping that I didnt ov this time cos if I did then it was a bloody short luteal phase! xxx
  • Well, I dont think it was af after all as it seems to have stopped again! Just wish I knew whats going on, as Im getting anxious to get back to normal now. :roll:

    I really thought I was on cd1 and could start monitoring my cycles and really concentrate on ttc at the right times, but I guess not! :evil:
  • can i ask when you had mc babybump 4 - sorry i can't remember. i had mc on 01/05 and am pretty sure i have af now - i really didn't think it would happen this quickly as everything i read says 4-6 weeks after end of mc - well my spotting didn't stop until just under 2 weeks ago but i did feel like i ovulated about 2 weeks ago??
  • Hi bexyh, I mc on the 14th May, so its coming up to 3 weeks now. I had signs of ov too, a week after mc. Had ewcm and aches and pains on right side. I keep telling myself its just hormones and not to get my hopes up, but I cant help it! Deep down Im a 'glass is half full' kind of gal! x
  • I reckon it won't be long before you get af. i have definately got mine (not quite sure on first day of it cos i had smear and had bleeding from that but it would have been either 4 -4 1/2 after actual miscarriage not then end of it). at least once you get it you can start thinking about ttc. i hated the limbo period of not knowing when you are going to get af - it dragged.
  • Hi bexyh, I think the bleeding after your smear would have been connected to that. Your cervix would have been sensitive after the mc and with all the hormones etc, and its quite common to get spotting after a smear anyway. And as she struggled so much to take it, she is bound to have caused a bit of upset 'down there'. I would count today as cd1, but there is no harm in counting the other bleeding too and bd lots. Just to make sure! I wish you all the very best of luck hun, really hope you get a sticky bfp very soon. xxx
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