Sore boobies

They're sooooo sore!!! Seems to be a tell tale sign of AF for me but each month I seem to forget how painful they can be! Either that or it's getting worse!!! This month they ache more than anything, especially when I get up in the morning. Nips are sensitive to even brush against. Damn hormones!

Just waiting patiently for AF now. Wanted to moan haha!

Hope everyone's well


  • ouch! hate it when that happens1 u never know tho, could be something else? good luck xxxxx
  • Mine are the same hun....especially when I brush against the nips lol...and yeah they just ache....I am trying not to think to much in it....sooooo damn hard though lol xxxx
  • Haha I can hope mrs*me*....have that sneaky feeling that it's just good ol' AF symptoms though! I'll soon find out!

    Haha hoping2beamummy, I try not to think about them but then I go and knock them or something and it hurts!

  • Yeah I am the same...but getting ready in the morning is sometimes tricky as they are sooooo sore lol xxxx
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