i should be happy for her!!!

My big sis who lives in stafford text me to tell me that they are going to start ttc number 2 after she comes back her holiday in July!!!
also that she's moving back up here (Scotland)!

now don't get me wrong i'm over the moon that shes coming home and that i will get to see my newphew more but, and this is the bad bit in me coming out, i'll be gutted if she gets her BFP before me!!
i tried to get all excited for her and focus on the good things like hopefully we can be pg together and that babies will grow up together!

i just keep thinking that shes been pg before and she will fall 1st mth and i'll get all stroppy about it instead of just being happy for her!!!:\?


  • Totally understandable, you just have to put a brave face on it and hopefully you'll both be pg at the same time so you can support each other through it. Sxx
  • this is totally normal! You are / want to be happy, but you also get jealous!! We have all been there! You don't know it will happen for her straight away and are only feeling like this because you want it so much. Don't think you are bad for feeling this way xx
  • Ive been there too, its mixed feeling of happiness and jealousy but I wish there wasnt so much jealousy!
  • hi, you are totally normal. i think everyone thinks exactly the same, well i know i do. you cant help it when all you think about is getting pg and then someone comes along and is trying also. just try and be happy for her when talking to her. im sure if she does get pg before you she wouldnt rub it in. but dont think of it as a race as you will stress yourself out even more. get baby dancing lol. good luck hun x
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