BFP!! BFP!!! BFP!!!

I'm only PREGNANT!!!!

Last night I was calculating my dates again and although I'd previously thought my due date was yesterday, it turned out I was actually four days over due. Really sore boobs (and nips) terrible cramping on and off, strong sense of smell and regular peeing. So we did a test, because I've got a really important event happening on Saturday and I didn't want to have to deal with the emotional side if I came on that night...

At first only the control line came up. Then after one minute, another! We did it twice and they both came up positive!! So now we've booked an appointment to confirm with the doctor tomorrow morning-I can't believe it! First time lucky!!!!! I'm absolutely gobsmacked, still can't believe there's a little life growing inside me!



  • O thats such great news !! You sound so happy ; ) I really hope it happens for me this month (1st month of trying) : ) !
    Well done honey !! xx
  • Congratulations x x x
    Did you do the SMEP?
  • OMG congrats! I hope that's me this weekend, it's our first time too. Are you due in October or September??
  • Congratulations, how long have you been trying? xx
  • Thank you lovely ladies-it's killing me because now I have to wait another 3 months or so until we're in the I'm glad I could tell you all!

    This was our first month trying, started December 27th up to Jan 3rd and to be honest, we were trying not to think too much about methods at this stage, just to keep it relaxed. We made sure we did it as much as possible around my OV days and just hoped for the best.

    Last night I was convinced I was going to come on because the symptoms are so similar, but when we went to bed and counted the days I was already late! Eeeek!

    It was really funny though, I did the test, watched the control line come up, got disappointed and walked off as I thought it meant it was negative, so when I came back a few minutes later to look again it was positive!!!!

    Not out of the woods yet, but hopefully everything will be happy and healthy from this point on!

    Thank you for your lovely words ladies and best of luck!! Let me know how it goes!

  • wow - big congrats!! thats fab news

    see you over in september image

    (6weeks tmw)
  • Big congrats

    gems xx
  • Congratulations hunnie.

    I got my BFP today, we have been trying since July when we got married.

    I am like you, i want to scream and tell the world - but can't. I have only told obviously my husband, and i had to tell my sister as well.
    I am going to the doctors tomorrow as well - we will prob be due around the same time!!!!!

  • Aw that's brilliant!!!! Congrats!! image xxx
  • That's great news!
    Congratulations xx
  • Aww congratulations hun!! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 exciting!! xx
  • Congratulations honey-that is lovely news, have a happy and healthy nine months!!!
  • Congratulations image

    See you over in due in Sept xx
  • Excellent news, congrats x
  • That was quick! Congratulations you lucky thing!! xx
  • congrats! thats fab news image xx
  • Oh well done you! How exciting! You must be so happy! I still have a week left to wait to test but don't feel too hopeful given no symptoms at all! Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy! Hopefully we all won't be too far behind! Xx
  • Congratulations VQ! So nice to hear you got your bfp! H&H 9 months xxx
  • Congratulations hun, that's fantastic news : ) .x.
  • Massive Congrats VQ image

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