What do you ladies think of these reborn dolls. I have just been looking at some on e bay and some of them look sooooo real, its scary.



  • i agree they are spooky and some of the more expensive ones have motion were it looks as tho there breathing saw documentry on tv few months back about these dolls and one lady had one made to look like her grandson and all way through the program she was crying about her grandson and made it look as tho grandson was dead and thats why she had it made but right cu end they show the lady talking to him via the internet what it was he had just moved abroad with his mum and dad. weird.
  • Lol. My OH has just told me he has got me one off e bay. ??189. god knows what it will be like. I asked him if I needed to be a saddo and push it down the street in a pram lol
  • OMG I saw that program and felt so sorry for those ladies especially the woman who modelled it on her grandson. Found it all a bit weird. Although enjoyed the tv program.

    I'm afriad you wouldnt catch me taking it shopping or out for walks !!

  • dont worry. Mine wont be leaving the house unless my daughter carries it lol.
    Nice thought of OH though as he knows im so desperate for one of my own (a real baby, that is)
  • I remember the tv documentary & they were freakishly realistic. It was a nice thought of your oh though. His heart was in the right place xx
  • i just had a look on ebay and i cant believe how realistic they look, its crazy!! x
  • I think its very clever though. I have just seen a pic of my dolly. Its cute lol.
  • whcih one is yours? x
  • its called ember
  • I also watched the documentry and found it all abit weird im afraid to say. Sorry Huni
    I had a cabbage patch kid as a child which i loved!
    She was called Gladys Soshannah, How bizarre that i still remember her name after 22 years as think i was about 9 when i decided to put her back in the box my mum reckoned she'd be worth lots of Money in yers to come???
  • I saw that programme too, it was really weird but i did feel sorry for the grandma. Im scared that i might end up being like that when im too old to have any more children!! My mums friend has just bought one and she has just bought a second hand baby crib to put it in, its just so sad really. xx
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