fed up arrghhhh

im now 12 days late, did a test this morning, tried to be hopeful, but theres nothing on it, not even a sign of a faint line image so im phoning docs as soon as it opens to get seen to, cos ive never had this before, it is seriously late. and the only times ive been late is when pregnant with my 2 ds. just annoying cos i wanna know where i stand with my body lol and get onto next month and start using ovulation sticks. xx


  • i know what you mean about wanting to know where you stand, so just wanted to say that i hope everythings ok. did you get on to the docs? i completely missed a period once and my doc simply said that i just might not have ovulated that month and didnt seem in the least bit concerned, so i hope its something simple like that for you too x
  • Have you been to docs Soph? Xxx
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