Cheapy tests

Hi all

I just wondered what people thought of cheapy tests. Do you think they are as good as supermarket or branded ones?

I just wondered what peoples thoughts were.

V xxx


  • When I fell with my DD i tested with a cheapy ebay one ( 99p for 10) and had a positive straight away. it was a faint line but still visible. It was after that I went & got a cbd which spelt it out!. So they worked for me.

    I have brought some this time round to. Havnt used the yet as im only 2DPO of my first month.
    I have some FR in the drawer to but if you get the poas obsession its alot cheaper to use the cheapy ones!LOL.x
  • Thanks girls,

    You're right about the cost. Wish I had the self constraint to hold on until AF was late. lol

    V xx
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