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hi claire21

just a quick note before i go to work to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and good luck this not preg,had light but steady af. am on day 9 so maybe this month.gayle good luck,all my kids were concieved around now so you never know lol
speak to you all later byeeeeeeeee


  • hi claire
    howz it going,im having a really bad week again,last week i burnt the burgers the peas and the worktop in one night,then i burnt my hand.then this week i broke 2 keyrings ,i spud peeler,bathroom scales and gave the wrong name when they asked for mums name at sons hospital appointment.bad headaches and bleeding gums.please tell me youve had a better week than me lol?????
  • Hi claire,i know this message isnt for me,but thought id say hi anyway!!! What a crap week you are having!! Good 2 hear someone else is as scatty as me though lol!! Hows the ttc going this month? im on day 12,started using ov sticks today,which was negative xxx
  • Hi girls - Claire - you must be pregnant - everyday is like that for me. I'm a complete tit at the moment, actually I am normally pretty stupid but seem very accident prone. Maybe it's because my mind is never on the job in hand. The only time I have broken the bathroom scales is when i got on them, and they said - one at a time please!!!!
    i'm fine thanks - knackered but thats bearable. It is my birthday today so I was out all day yesterday scoffing nice food and today I feel such a heffa! Very excited about this afternoon I'll tell you what we are having as soon as I get in. Gayle, keep up with the sticks and but more importantly look out for that mucus plug!!!!! Charming isn't it the graphic things us women will talk about!!!!
    Speak to you all later,
    Claire xxxxxx
  • Hi to both claires, nice to speak to you both again. Claire01, good luck with your next ttc attempt and gayle too. Gayle we are in sync with each other almost. Been using the ov sticks too and after two months of negatives, i got a positive last night! Poor oh isnt going to quite know what hit him! lol. Have a great weekend and get plenty! That's what i am intending to do!!!!!! Good luck to all ttc, love and kisses, bluebird xxxx
  • hi every1,bluebird,u go for it girl lol!!! im waiting for a hit on the sticks,but i know it cant be far away,so my man is getting no rest lol!!! Claire21,happy birthday 4 yesterday(sorry its late) hope u had a great day.left a message on another post,but just want 2 say again how chuffed i am for boys r wonderful! xx
  • Hi Gayle. Slight hiccup in masterplan. OH's uncle sadly died on Friday and although i managed to attack him succesfully on Sat morning (sorry if tmi!) he was very emotional last night so the eagle didnt land! However, he seems a bit better today so going to get him at least twice today!!! lol. Have you had a hit yet? Good luck to you both, hope we are both lucky this time image. Hi claire, belated happy birthday for yesterday, hope you had a great day. Its my birthday next Sat. What a great birthday pressie a baby would be image shame i wont know by then image . Good luck to all ttc, lots of love, kisses and baby dust, bluebird xxxx
  • Hi bluebird,sorry 2 hear about your oh's uncle.Have you managed today? (and dont worry,its never tmi lol!!) ive not had a hit with the ov sticks yet,and its day 15 today?? im still using the ebay ones and im starting 2 think they aint working.what do you think? i didnt get a hit with them last month,but i know i ovulated.i had the piercing pain in my side that i always get when i ovulate,and i had the mucus plug! so anyway,im thinking i should be ovulating in the next couple of days,so i attacked my oh twice today!! and ive told him its same again tmrw! he thinks its fabulous lol!! i told him not 2 get 2 used 2 it haha!! xx
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