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Evening girls, I have a puzzler for you. I've had an early predictor HPT in the cupboard for a while now and H2b and I decided we'd just use the test and get rid of it so we're not tempted to use it anymore! Anyways long story short we tested and it very definitely has the faintest of faint lines. BUT When I was testing I realised I had't put the cap back on until after 4 mins or so, is this why there's a line do you think? Xx


  • Aggghh BE ate my flipping reply!

    Well i going to whisper a *congratulations* for now although sounds promising. Test again in the am with FMU.
    If its still quite faint, your HCG might be low especially as its going to be early on, but dont worry it doubles every day, so your lines should be getting darker each day.
    With the lid, you will still get the same result with lid on and off, Sometimes ive forgotten to put it back on. They probs just advise people to put the lid back on so its hygenic.

    Re-test with FMU and update us, Its looking good. :\)

    *Fingers crossed*


    P.S, Im not due till 30th but I have a weekend off this weekend with hubby so i might test then.
  • Hi PP, It was my pesky H2b who made me test as we had it in the cupboard but I haven't got anymore so will have to wait! I wish he hadn't made me cos now I'll get my hopes up. I wonder if the test is faulty maybe. So wish I had another test eek xx :\?
  • P.S Thank you, good luck for the 30th, you think you'll give in early? Xx
  • Hi: another quiet congratulations!!! what is FMU???
  • I think its a high chance of being a BFP, you looked in the 10 min mark and as long as the control line came up then your ok.

    Yeah i think i might test this weekend, I think the 30th is on tuesday and im working a late shift, so i wont see hubby till 10pm and Id rather test while he is there.

  • Hi: another quiet congratulations!!! what is FMU???

    Hiya, its first morning urine. I was asking the same question about a month back hehe.

  • I'm going to try and not get my hopes up, it'll be hard but I've just brought my feet back on the ground reading about Chem PG's! Can't decide whether to test again tomorrow or wait until AF date which is Sat.

    Definitely test with OH there! Fingers crossed we may have started a lucky thread xx
  • Morning! Update - So I wasn't going to test but I walked into Superdrug and they were doing their "Early Tests" as Buy One Get 1 Free. So I took that as a sign that I had to do it. So tested again this morning, not exactly FMU but had only had a drop of water beforehand and again a very faint line! And I put the cap back on this time ha! Eek, trying desparately not to get my hopes up I'm sure I've read girls who've got BFP's and then nothing?!!? xxx
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