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Low Progesterone!

Hi Girls,

I have been checking for OV for a good few months now with ov tests and the clear blue fertility monitor, any way I'm not seeing any signs of OV so I went to see my GP last month who agreed to do some blood tests. I had the tests done just over a week ago and went to see her again today but when I got there she didnt have the results. Anyway she rang the hospital lab and managed to get some of them and told me the my LH and something else is normal but my progesterone was 19.1 and this needs to be over 30 to indicate that I did OV she also mentioned high protein level. I have to go back in a weeks time to go over all the results again when she gets them back in writing. She also told me to stop using OV tests and to stop thinking about it (easier said than done). I also mentioned about agnus castus but she looked at me as though I was mental so I didnt push that issue ! She told me I have to look into getting hubbies sperm tested because when we get refered to the hospital they will want to look at us as a couple (not sure how he will take this news!)

Have any of you's out there got low progesterone? or any advice you could offer?

Thanks in advance
xx :?


  • Hi Claire,

    She mentioned clomid but said I would have to be refered to the hospital for further tests, she mentioned putting a dye into my ovaries and an ultra sound to check everything is clear before they would perscirbe it. How long have you been trying and are you dealing with the hospital or just your GP?

    She said i will have to wait a year before they will refere me and to just stop thinking about it. We have been trying since october but she thinks its month 10.

    Thanks hin
    Ange x
  • Baby Blaylock - did they take all the blood on the same day? I think for the Progesterone it should be taken on day 21 of your cycle (if you have a 28 day cycle) and if it's not then you shouldn't trust the result. Don't quote me on that though.
  • Hi girls,

    they took my bloods on day 20, but AF showed up on day 22 (night time). She said LH and FSH normal but progesterone low and protein high?? I asked it the protein was anything to do with my diet and she said no its a hormone protein. I'm going back to see her a week on tuesday after she gets the full results but feel a bit fobed off as she said she wont be doing more tests this month.

    Also just read the people with low progesterone struggle to sustain pregnancy so even if i do fall pregnant i could m/c, I have just read this today so i an going to mention this next time I see her as pointless trying if im gonna lose it????

    Oh it just gets more and more confusing !!

  • I'm sorry that I can't help but I have read on another forum that women were using progesterone cream after O. Maybe it's something else you could ask your doc about. Goodluck, I hope you don't have to wait too long to get some answers x
  • thanx porky i also read about that but was confused but have made a note on my list and am gonna mention it
  • Hi BB, if you had your af on day 22, surely the level of prog is low then because I think it reduces when you approach your af? Im no expert, but the timing of the tests looks wrong. Day 21 tests are usually timed based on a 28 day cycle so your prog have increased. I would ask for another blood test.

    You can get prog cream - but I would be really interested in what your doctor says about it, (to get a medical point of view on it).

  • Hi Sevans,

    This also crossed my mind and I think when i go back I am going to ask for further blood tests as I did tell her all the dates yesterday but also asumed she would have said to take a second set of bloods but she said there is no need. But the thing is I dont actually think I OV as i'm getting no "peak" on my CBFM. I've started taking Agnus Castus this month as I dont see any harm in trying it as my cycles are just getting shorter and shorter !

    I'll be adding that to my list of things to ask !!!

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