She got me i'm out!

Morning Ladies, how are we all today? Well AF arrived last night so i'm out for this month, i'm counting today as CD1! My stomach is killing me but I have to say it doesn't hurt as much as it did when I was on the pill. I'm relieved that it's here as at least now I know that everything is in working order and I can now concentrate on next month x


  • Yeah, at least your body is back on track, so you can stay positive. I have first af after mc. i don't kno what day to count as cd1 because i had a smear on 28/05/08 which caused some bleeding, this tapered of gradually until i thought it was going to stop on 01/06/08 and then suddendly it started up like af and today is really heavy. don't know weather to count in from 28/05 or 01/06?? oh well, will just have to ttc like mad.
  • I would probably count it from 01/06 as if you had a smear that was probably just your body having a clear out so to speak but if you work out your ov dates from both that you can bd on both the dates just to be safe x
  • i bet your releived that all is back to normal working order, getting regular cycle is more than half the battle!!

    good luck
  • I sure am Dani, thank you very much x
  • Sorry and glad she turned up Jenny_Bunny! You can join the June bfp's now.....! xx
  • Here's hoping mithical, i've got everything crossed for all of us x
  • Hi love

    I am sorry she found you but pleased that now you can get this out of the way and you can start trying now image

    K x
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