if tmi i apologise lol

my CM has gone mental. Whats going on!!!

I think i ov at the weekend so we BD on sunday (ahh v day, how cute image) and since have felt a bit weird!

This is my first month of trying but is ur CM supposed to react like this?? I have felt some twinges down there so read up on how fast it is for u to fall pregnant and i am so confused, can i have twinges that fast?? Nothing much else... i am always tired lol, so that doesnt help, my boobies are a bit sore (but then again... i could be spotting stuff that isnt there).

Anyone know if its supposed to do that if ur pregnant??


  • I think it's a little early for there to be any symptoms just yet. Not sure but think it takes a few days before the little bean implants and i'd have though you wouldn't get symptons until after thay... sorry I could be wrong thoughx

    Good luck hope you get your bfp this month
  • Hi Rosemary - I think it could be a little early still - but know how you feel, im questioning every single pain and twinge i get lol xx
  • Hi last month was our first ttc too and i also felt these things but once i got af, i worked out that the time i had the twinges was my ov time. dunno if this helps u?
  • argh am so frustrated. My ov dates are so random, i literally have been trying to make sense of my ever changing cycle and it seems to me that (reading books and websites etc) that the excess CM is me ovulating?!?

    So.... maybe all those twinges etc weren't what i thought but are weird ov pains? Plus my face has suddenly made me look 17 again (*urgh hate it*) so maybe image i have missed the boat.
  • Aw wait and see if Aunt Flo comes for a visit before getting down about it, when are you due on xx
  • how id ur message in front of mine... it makes no sense lol!

    I am due next friday... supposidly... but i am so confused.
  • lol I have no idea... I'd just sit tight and wait, it aint over till the fat lady sings - (by fat lady i mean AF lol) xxx
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