No OV this month :\?

I'm really quite confused, I OV every month between days 12-15 and always know when i do because i get really bad OV pains in my abdomen and back. Also get all the EWCM, which is a big give away for me!

This month we have BD'd every night since AF stopped to give us a better chance of BFP this month but i have had no pains, no EWCM :\?
I'm so confused :\?
According to my period tracker i was due to OV last fri, but nothing.
So i should be 5DPO today and due AF friday 16th.

Last month AF come early, on day 25.
AF started sat 19th June night during OH 21st bday party :evil: but it was just a brown discharge type thing, not many AF pains, i usually get AF pains really bad on the first day of my cycle but no warning of it coming at all!
On sunday it got a little heavier, i put in a tampon (sorry tmi) but when i took it out there wasnt much so i didnt use another, just a pad.
Monday i wore just a pad and was still just medium spotting type thing and was all gone by monday night.
Tuesday come back a little but just spotting.

I got really confused, usually i get bad period pains for first day, i had none. I am heavyish/normal for first 2-3 days then turns into a spotting type thing for around 2-3 days, and i didnt have that either!

I took 2 tests but were BFN so didnt bother testing after that, cause would have shown up.

I have AF type cramping in my back a little right now, feels like AF is coming but much too early.
And i know i will be out for this month if i havent OV'd :\(

Sorry to dragggggg onnnnnnn... Just super confused :cry: :\?

Emma xx


  • Can't help you hun but its common to not ovulate now and then.

    Hope either a proper AF or BFP comes your way soon.
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