How to start

Hi ladies

We have been planning to start a family from April/May but after reading here and after starting another thread on this forum I realise that it might take some time so think we are going to bring it forward, even though it is scary, as we want a baby badly and want my mum to share in it and she is terminaly ill,
Anyway i am waffling, I would like to ask advice on where to start. What does the CBFM do? Shoud folic acid start now? How is the best way to track ovulation?
Any help much appreciated.
Thanks xx

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  • Hiya,
    i just wrote a long reply and BE ate it!!!!!Grrrr

    ive ordered the cbfm but i missed the post to i cant tell you about that.

    I track my cycles with fertility friend and you should take folic acid from 3 months before ttc as an egg takes that long to get made.

    Good luck and lots of babydust to you

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