To test or not to test?

Last month i had a 24 day cycle and the month before was 28 days. I am 3 days late according to last month but if i'm going to go to 28 days that will tomorrow. Should i test ???

No other symptoms and no feeling that AF is going to arrive.

What would you do ? if im going to test then obviously i will have to wait until tomorrow and do it with FMU.


  • i perszonally would wait for 2 more days (as hard as it is) just because it is so disappointing when you get a bfn! and it came be so upsetting. if you want to test then do it in the morning and let us all know!
  • I would wait,my cycle is usually as regular as clockwork but typically i was 2 days late so got my hopes up and bought a test which was negative and af came 2 days later! Our bodies are strange things,good luck though!
  • Wait a couple more days to ensure you go past the 28 days and then POAS in the morning!! It will give your body more chance to show a BFP!! Good luck honey xx
  • if no sign tomorrow i will get a first response and do it on monday.

    Finger crossed.
  • Wait!! image

    Good luck hun xxx

  • roughly how many dpo should a bfp show up - anyone ??
  • It can show as early as 4 days before AF due - which I guess is 10DPO? But can take longer if the HCG is not strong enough! Someone I know had had PG confirmed by blood test and it did not show on stick until 8wks gone!
  • not sure there is a 'set' time as have seen plenty of posts on here where no bfp has shown up, sometimes for weeks after the person KNEW they were pg! Dont know how common that is tho. Sorry, thats totally no help whatsoever to you hun. xxx

  • hi bettyo,im gona b testing with fmu tomorrow morning as well,i tested 2day but it was about 5pm n obv on cd46 but was only cd28 last af n hopin i may have ov late this month.if BFN tomorrow i will have 2 try n wait another wk b4 testing again if no af as its costin a small fortune.only testin cost i ve got 1 more test left n OH is doin a nite shift n wont b there 2 tell me off 4 not waiting :lol:
  • scary stuff isnt it but at least i should know for sure - you never AF may arrive tonight - hope not though
  • yeah very scary n so disappointin 2 get BFN ive done bout 8 hpt in last 2 wks lol think im goin crazy waitin 4 BFP or af 2 appear.good luck for tomorro bettyo;\)
  • I'm with you there bettyo!! I'm poppin to the loo every 5 mins to check if AF has shown up yet. Today is CD31 and my last 5 cycles since coming off the pill have been 32, 30, 30, 29, 30 and now I'm on CD31. I hope and pray that AF doesn't show in the middle of the night!!

    My Af always shows at about 7.30am so I'm gonna try and sleep past that time and maybe the witch won't want to disturb me!!

    If no AF by Monday I will be POAS with you before I go to work!!!!

    Good luck to us both - oh and mushie too!!!

  • thx emerald hope we all get BFPs very soonimage
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