Hi everyone

Hi im Lin im 25 married to Phill 41 and we have a 8 month old daughter Lexie and this month we have decided to start ttc number two as we dont want a big gap as there is 11yrs between me and my brother and 10yrs between Phill and his brother we were the last children in our familys and it was a bit like being an only child.We have also decided to start ttc as it took 3yrs to fall pregnant with Lexie so we are hoping it doesnt take that long this time.So im just waiting for day 1 at the moment no idea when it will be as im still bf and cycles have been all over the place so hopefully it will be soon and we can startimage Anyway look forward to getting to know you allimage
take care and babydust to all


  • Hi Lin,Good luck ttc,i'm on my 2nd month ttc with our 2nd baby.Af is due 12th June,so keep fingers crossed!
  • Hello and welcome. I'm Helen and ttc my 2nd. Lo was 3 in january and I'd have preferred a smaller gap but I'm single and ttc by donor diy artificial insemination. Hope it doesnt take you as long this time. Good luck!xx
  • Hi Lin, welcome. I'm ttc my first, heading into month 3. Good luck. xx
  • Hi there and welcome to this wonderful site!!

    I am Karen 26 been married for 6 months to peter and we are TTC for our 1st baby. I have only just come off the pill so i guess really this should be our first month of trying.

    Good luck and your little girl is stunning image

    K xx
  • hi and welcome! I hope your stay here in ttc is short and sweet! xx
  • hi i'm new back after six months away due to change in jobs moving house etc. i'm 31 been married 18 months and trying for number 1. i'm due sometime in the next ten days and trying hard not to pin too much hope on it.
  • Hi guys thanks for the warm welcome i hope we all get our bfp's very soon image
    Babydust to all
    take care Linimage
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