Did not ov after all - PCOS :-(

You may have read the weekend before last that I was ridiculously excited cos I had finally got ewcm and pos on OPK so thought everything was ok and I was going to ov. I was all set for 2ww of symptom spotting and going to poas on 5th May.

Well, unfortunately as I have been charting my BBT I now know that I didn't actually ov as have no thermal shift. Am totally gutted. Apparently thinking you are ov is common in PCOS as your body tries to so you get all the right symptoms but then none of the eggs are developed enough to release. Sucks. I still have sore nipples, and have had creamy/lotiony cm for over a week now so I don't know what's going on or when AF is ever going to arrive. I just want her to visit so at least I can start a new cycle. Feeling so down that we haven't even bd since as I can't keep up doing it every other day if I don't seem to be ov. What if it's 6 months til AF arrives...!

Am trying to keep PMA though and think that at least this is more ammo to take to gp. Am gonna start taking Chromium as well as AC as apparently it increases insuline sensitivity which can help PCOS.

Sorry - just wanted to moan really and you guys are always so nice.


  • Really sorry to hear about this and can understand you feeling so down about it, hugs!!
  • Hey hon
    Have to be brief just now because of work Booooooo. You may have read on different thread I do have PCOS and might be able to help with info.
    Have you just come off the pill??
    How long have you been charting BBT
    I will be on the site this evening

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  • Hi J-Jenko,

    Your message made me cry - ridiculous I know but am just feeling so blue at the moment.

    This is first cycle off pill. Currently cd 43.
    Been having really bad stabbing pains this week so not sure if cysts are burting or something if that happens! Although seems more where my kidney would be...but then sometimes moves lower. Who knows. Stoooopid bloomin body.

    Have only been charting BBT this cycle. Temp has gone up about 0.1 degree since pos opk but that might only be cos I have been making sure I keep thermometer in for long enough!!

    My PCOS isn't officially diagnosed. But my identical twin sis has it and had to have metformin to conceive. I had all the same symptoms before going on pill - excess hair, dark patches on neck, v irregular, painful and heavy periods. Am not overweight though. Since coming off pill am convinced my chin is more hairy and it's got spotty.

    Went to see gp before I even came off pill to say I am 99.9% sure I have it. She was USELESS and did blood test which came back fine - but as I was on pill I know this will have masked PCOS. She was also really patronising saying I was getting too worried already, to just take our time and see how it goes and how there was no way she would consider metformin or anything until at least a year of trying.

    Am now thinking I should go back now I have come off pill and explain what has been happening and see if she will at least send me for a scan to confirm it. Then if they still won't do anything hubby said we could look at going private. It all seems such a long road. Am utterly depressed already. I feel and look like s**t and am not sure I can face delay after delay after delay.
  • Hey Baby B

    Great big hug my lovely

    I hope you can read into this email my sincerity - don't read to much on the internet as it sounds an un holy thing when you read all the possible complications

    Couple of things that you can do right now to help yourself fight the PCOS and maximise your fertility

    If you are not in the normal weight range loosing even a modest amount of weight can really really help you. Increasing your muscle mass by exercise eg light weights body pump classes etc

    Also adopting a low GI (glycaemic index) diet.. the type that diabetics use. Super briefly sugary, refined white carbs eg white bread sugary breakfast cereals things like ripe banana are out

    Good things are protein, rye bread vegetables etc

    A good book is PCOS and your fertility by colette harris and theresa chung. Has detials of diet and supplementation plan. Very sypmathetically written is 12.99 cover price but I think I bought it more cheaply on amazon,

    Do you and or your husband have private medical cover as some policies would cover PCOS not infertility but you might be able to get metformin without paying for private appoinment?

    Some ladies take Vit B6 and starflower or evening primrose oil to help regulate cycle.

    Agnus castus is mentioned a lot but I am not sure about its effect on PCOS

    Your GP sounds unsympathetic and with out knowing type of pill and what hormone tests were done can't say
    PCOS is usually diagnosed with ultrasound to visualise the cysts and some hormone tests ie testosterone levels, FSH LH ratio and others,

    How old are you hon?

    If you get your PCOS diagnosis Metformin might help and for 80% of PCOS sufferers clomid induces ovulation. There are hormonal injections too
    Many many ladies conceive with PCOS so try not to worry too much... will let you know if I get any good news!!!

    Please please please don't believe you are infertile. With time and some lifestyle changes and if necessary some drugs it is all SO possible for you.

    Def agree with SB have a large vino in a nice hot bath and tomorrow make a plan of action.

    Hope this helps

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  • Thanks so much SB and J-Jenko for your kind words.
    I think everything is getting on top of me at the mo as I just feel a bit of an emotional wreck. Am worried about these pains I am getting, my face is spottier than when I was 15 and I HATE my job. But then it's only 5 min drive from home so I don't want to leave as there are no jobs nearby so I would have to commute into London which I have done before and really hated. Wouldn't want to do it when pg.

    I was doing the low GI thing. And taking Agnus Castus and Pregnacare. (just started Chromium today) But have been so depressed in last week since realised I did not ov I seem to have moved onto the 'high GI' diet and am living off as much junk as I can get to cheer myself up!!!! (eating huge plate of chips right now actually! Opps!)

    Am 28 in July - 5' 4'' and about 9st 2oz so I'm BMI ideal. But then so was my sis and she still had problems. I know I should be reassured that she managed to conceive but I just hate having no control and I have no patience. Plus everyone is constantly asking about when we are going to start a family etc and it's doing my head in.

    I was on microgynon 30 for about 10 years. My gp did blood tests which looked at oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, LH, and insulin. Said all was normal. But I have since read that these would be masked by pill anyway. I did actually question this at the time but she fobbed me off. I don't actually think she had a clue and just wanted to get rid of me. My surgery has 3 gps though so should I make an appointment to see another one and see if they are more sympathetic/knowlegeable??

  • Hi hon, so sorry you're feeling really sad image
    Try and get another GP appointment for another blood test now the pill is out of your system. You know I don't know anything about PCOS so I can't help on that front, but please try and stay positive and don't get yourself worked up with worry and panic until you know for certain there is something wrong. You just don't know yet!!!
    I'm mega impatient too - but it will happen for us when its right and when its meant to be! I know that's not what you want to hear tho!!!
    thinking of you!
    Joo xxxxx
  • Hi I know how u feel I have pcos it took months 2 b diagnosed but luckily I found a very sympathetic doctor who helped a lot & I am now finally pg. Keep your chin up it is possible thinking of u xxxxxx
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