Omfg think I am oving!!!!

I had a couple cheapo ov sticks in my bag and just done one left it and it's got a faint line on!!! Omfg I am going to burst!!! 1st time I have had a line!!!

Yayyy won't be such a long cycle!!! Woop woop!!!



  • LOL - love your OMFG ...

    Hmmm ... well I'm confused with mine then?

    This morning I had a faint line on my Clear Blue opk, but reading the info it means that there is no surge detected, and that the line has to be darker than the test line?

    It's all so flipping confusing .... I just want a bump!!!

    Sending you lots of baby dust... hope you get your BFP real soon!
  • I'm a bit dense but think a faint line means your close to ov!!!

    I don't know though!!

    Cd 28 and close to ov for me means no 76 day cycle this time!!!! Lol!!!

    Baby dust to you too!!!

  • LOL - well when you put it like that - I'll take any line I get LOL

  • hi girls....dont mean to burst your bubble but the line needs to be as dark or darker than the control line to mean that u are oving!

    sorry xxx hope u are though xxx
  • I get that but surely a slighted faint line means ov is imminent!! I am such a dense with these things!!!

  • yes i would agree Mrs JC, surley there is something there that it picked up, other-wise it would be totally blank, would it not???........ just saying what initially comes to mind! image

  • if you have never had a line till now chances are its picking up something related to ov. u had 3 days of faint lines then 1 day of + then back to faint the next day. fingers crossed.
  • Just done another one and it's as dark as the control line!!! Woop woop!!!
    We did the wild thing last night and I didn't get up after so fingers crossed!!!!!

    I am soooo excited!!!!
  • ******BABY DUST*********
  • woot!! i hate it when you wait for it to get dark and it doesnt-at least now you can BD away!!

    x x x
  • Hey im OV today so fingers crossed! hope all goes well 4 ya! x
  • woohoo! get bd'ing good luck xxxxx
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