Race For Life

Hi ladies

I was on this forum for bl*****dy ages so i hpe you dont mind me posting this


thank thank you thank you even if you only look x x x x


  • Hello sarah....

    I can't belive u have a baby :lol: and i'm still ttc :lol:
    hope your well and LO 2 xx
  • hello chickie course we dont mind you posting wouldnt be the same without one you you'z G/C :lol:

    the links not loading up for me yet but good on you girl xxx

    hope you and the wee man are well xxx
  • oh gembags - i dont know what to say to you - it took us so long - so i am not going to come up with patronising comments " it will happen when you relax" etc etc grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I just hope that it is soon for you - i am behind with the times but where are you at re doctors?? Oh and did your boy have chicken pox? Is so hope he is ok - i am dreading things like that!

    Grudie - hun - i can still barely walk becasue of dodgy hips so have alot of work to do - toby is helping me out though by smiling encouragement x

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