CBFM high on first day

Hi there. Just wondering if anyone can help. Is it usual to get a high on first day of using which is day six? I have a 28 day cycle.

Thank you

V x

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  • Have you done a hpt hun?

    This is what happened to me. I got a meduim peak on cbfm on cd6 and I was confused. So I did a hpt just to rule it out and BFP! They pick up pregnancy hormones!

    Do a test hun!

    If not I don't think its a problem to ov early as long as lp is 10+ days. My aunty had short cycles and she has 2 lovely boys!

    Good luck hun
  • Hi there thank you. Did your af come and go then?

    V x
  • Well what I thought was AF was actually implantation. It was really light but I still counted from cd1. I didn't do a hpt until what I thought was cd6
  • Ah thank you. I might just do one tomorrow. I started spotting about three days before af which is unusual then af came and went.

    Thank you and congratulations on your bfp. X x
  • It may just be early ov if you had a full AF but its worth testing.

    I ended up having a mc in the end hun, but hopefully we'll get out bfps soon!

    Sending lots of babydust your way hun
  • Ah I'm so so sorry. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. X
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