Positive Test???

Hi all,

this is our first month TTC and I really didn't expect anything to happen. Unfortunately I am sooooooooo impatient and today bought a Predictor pregnancy test.

If I have calculated right my period should be due this week (have just had the Merina taken out) or very early next week. So I went ahead and did the test.

I have got a VERY faint and narrow line. Now I was totally expecting a negative result and am not sure whether this is positive or not??? It didn't appear within the 5 minutes, however it did appear within half an hour - the test says that negative results may change after 30 minutes. Help!! Starting to panic now!!! xxxx


  • eeeek, hopefully its a good sign, the only you can do hun is wait, i no thats the last thing u wanna hear tho! lol. i would say leave it a few days and test again, maybe try testing sunday? xxxxx and good luck i hope its a + xx
  • Fingers crossed it is a + for you, they say read within 5 mins as it could be an evap line. But like the others have said i would test again in a day or two.
    Good luck Sxx
  • I agree give it a few days then test again
    Good luck

  • Hi hun

    Do you have a pic of your test as I got a faint BFP but there a few weeks ago and unfortunately turned out to be a chem pregnancy

    Good luck hope its your BFP

  • i would wait and do another wth fmu chick and see if that comes up within the time limit xx

    good luck xx
  • iv had several faulse neg with sd test. a line will appear on those after 10mins.
  • Yes try again at weekend and let us know how u get on xx
  • Thanks for all your replies, I did another test and it was negative. I'm not too worried though, its only our first month and this weekend we have found a lovely new house, so will be moving soon! At least now I won't have to worry about moving while pregnant, which was out original plan!

    My only concern is I still have no signs of AF. I usually start with symptoms around 5 days before I am due to come on, but nothing at all. I think if I don't get AF by the weekend I will retest just to make sure, it could be that my cycle needs to settle down first xx
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