Drinking in the 2ww

Now let me assure you I don't mean going out on a bender... but a small glass of red on a Saturday night . 7dpo now and trying not to get my hopes up although we dtd lots at the right time! I suddenly thought, oh is this a good idea, but what do you do in the 2ww? I don't drink more than a glass of wine a couple of times a week now we're ttc and will obviously stop completely if/ when we get out bfp, but I just wondered how many of you girls have given up the booze completely?

(Apologies if this has been done before but I'm not sure how to search for posts)


  • I drink whatever I like between cd1 and ov, then only ever have 1 or 2 drinks in the 2ww. someone posted something a while ago about your circulation not being joined to the bubbas til after a certain day, but helpfully I can't remember what that day was!
  • glad you posted this, I am due to test tomorrow or monday (if I can wait!). Going to a party tonight ad I really don't want to drink but don't want any questions asked.... I am trying to think of excuses!!
  • g/c - 2 days before I got my bfp I went to a christening where we were drinking all day! I didn't think I was pg and wanted to enjoy myself! Whoops! My lo is fine, and gemsgems13 is right. They are connected to your supply until later on so it doesn't affect the bubba!
  • my friend was the same actually, the weekend before she found out she was pregnant we had a bit of a girls from uni reunion and drank all day, and I mean REALLY drank! Her little one is now 6 and is fab! x
  • Thanks immense and others, it seems silly not to have the odd one when chances are I'm not even pg, it just builds the whole thing up even more in my head. Just thought I'd make sure though! x
  • OMG Becks that's a lot of booze! It's reassuring that it didn't affect her pregnancy though.
  • tbh the thought of having to go to this party tonight is making me want to cry! I feel so knackered, I just want to put my pj's on and watch strictly! x
  • High chick also g/cing

    I was ttc for 7 months and was by the rule every month until the month I fell when we went on a ski trip and I partied like I was 18 again (I partied a lot 10 years ago haha)......came back and you guess it I was pregnant.

    I was mortified at how much I had drunk.....my doctor was soooo cool about it and said 'darling most babies are born on the back of a bottle merlot'. He also said to me that thats the reason babies are given a yolk sac for the first 11/12 weeks is because its natures way of protecting them.

    Needless to say the moment I got my BFP I didnt drink (had a few glasses towards the end of pregnancy if it was a wedding etc)

    Good luck and if anything have one or two might be what relaxes you enough to fall pregnant like I did.......

    Sending lots of babydust your way xxxxx
  • akaladyk - I like your doctors words of wisdom! x
  • as long as you dont get plastered and drink in moderation I dont think there is a problem having a couple especially if you drink with food- even when I got my BFP I had a couple of weak bucks fizz's 2 days later (for my birthday) and I really enjoyed them- now I'm 7+3 and the idea of a drink makes me feel ill, i think your body tells you what you need and if you fancy a little glass of wine go for it!
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