• Gosh, thanks Lamby that was quite suprising, I can see why tests would rather AF be late before testing xxx
  • trying to convince myself i have shy bean as got bfn today at 12dpo :\(
  • I read this last night Lamby and think it convinced me not to test this morning on Cd27 (not sure what dpo).

    Think i should save it as my screen saver to make me wait til Saturday!!

    The stats definitely get better after 14dpo so maybe wait til Friday to be sure. Good luck hun xx
  • Thats quite interesting!! Defo waiting til Friday now!! image xx
  • Lamby - this has made me feel MUCH better! Tested last night at 10DPO with FR (i know, i know - wasn't FMU!!) and had a BFN. Fingers crossed my HCG wasn't high enough! image
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