Evening primrose

morning girls do any of you take evening primrose to help get pregnant i us to take this years ago for pmt .x


  • Hi, i took it just before i got my BFP, it was super strength one from boots, but i have PCOS and had very irregular cycles.

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  • I've been using it too as it's meant to help produce good quality CM, but I only take it between AF and OV though as it can cause your womb to contract so obviously you don't want that whilst an egg is trying to implant!! I'm on my 1ww now so I'll let you know if I'm as lucky as hales0403 and get my bfp!!.x.
  • I took evening primrose and starflower oil for the first two weeks of my last cycle and got my BFP after 13 months of trying!!! Give it ago!


  • i take it hun, started taking it for bad pmt then upped my does when i found out its good for ttc. only take till ov.xxx
  • Thanks will give it a go.x
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