Question about OPKs?

Hey girlies,

Just wanted to ask about OPKs. This is the first month I've been using OPK and I'm now on CD13 but haven't really got much of a line on a stick yet. Was wondering if the LH builds up gradually so you get a slightly darker line every day or whether you can go from hardly any line to a really dark line?

Cheers, Jo x x x


  • I've never got a postive from opks, think they don't work for some people, also if your only testing in the morning you may miss your peak if you ov in the evening, maybe try more sensitive ones if you don't get a line.
  • With ov tests you have to test in the afternoon or evening as LH builds up in your system during the day and is broken down again at night. I don't usually ever get a really dark line but it goes from nothing or very very faint line one day to a noticable line the next day xx
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