which hpt is the best to show true reading please

hi all, i have been using the tesco own brand hpt and got bfn, i have had one af since coming off mini pill, had af 21 days after i stopped mini pill had normal af. i am now on cd 43 and no af, i phoned my nurse has told me that i could be pg and to do another test with fmu after a week, i wanted to know which is the best test to use, i got bfn with both my boys and then it turned bfp after couple more weeks???


  • anyone??? i'm desperate to know which is best one to use
  • Hi first response are a popular choice!!
  • Hiya , I agree with Tooty fruity first response are good as they are sensitive enough to pick up 6 days before. Clear Blue digital are good as well as you can't misinterpret the result.
  • hi thank you for your replies, i havent seen first response in tesco, will have to have a look around for them, does anyone know where they sell them?
  • superdrug sell them - fingers crossed for a positive result for you
  • hi bodlondon, i will have try and get to superdrug, i got bfn earlier on but still no af, so nurse said to try again next week, i really hope we am, felt sick again today. just dont think it will happen to me i am 36 in june, had so much bad luck lately i really hope we have good news soon. thank you for advice
  • Sainsburys sell them and so do Boots
  • oh thank you muffin34 as i have sainsburys close and boots and superdrug is right in town so harder to get too. so thank you for that, wil try sainsburys on saturday i am testing tuesday hope its bfp but doubt it
  • Hiya the majority of chemists sell first response have you got a Numark one near you cos they're a bit cheaper in there xx
  • hi soz snappylou havent heard of there? got boots and supermarkets near me,
  • They might just be regional then I was just trying to save you some pennies. Fingers and toes crossed for you hun xx
  • well i couldnt resist and tested this morning with a tesco own brand one and got bfn again, so i really dont see point in buying another, have to take sample to nurse and then if still negative there maybe they will tell me where my af has gone to, im on cd 44 now
  • Sorry you are still getting bfn's. Do you know when you ov'd?

    I used Boots own when I got my bfp before my mmc. But I guess it would be similar to Tesco own. xx
  • hi mithical, i used ov test strips and tested postive on cd14 and 15 now on cd 44 and nothing
  • it might be worth getting a beta bllod test done, if you didnt get a + with your prev two it is proabably unlikely youll get one this time x
  • hi piggypops, the nurse mentioned a scan if i test negative there, wonder if i can ask for blood test, i cant understand how i ov as if i had a 28 day cycle but now nothing, i did test bfn with both my sons 13 and 12 yrs ago, but then after 2 weeks late i got bfp.
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