need advice!

hello everyone, im new to BE and just wondered if some of u lovely lady would give me some tips.
heres my situation i got my implant taken out at the start of march but i am trying to wrk out my ov day the thing is i had two bleeds in jan one in the first wk and one at the end and i havent had a period since so i havent got a clue how to wrk it out. x :\?


  • Hi I'm g/c from born in Jan. Usually you ov 14-16 days from start of af. As you have irregular af, it doesn't mean you are not ov'ing, just that it's hard to predict when it is. I think if you bd regularly throughout the month, you still have a reasonable chance to catch it. Hope your af settles down, might just be getting the hormones out of your system. Good luck. xx mithical and James 10 weeks today.
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