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Here we go again....

Hey ladies,
posted a few weeks ago to say me and OH were going to start TTC again once we got bk from holiday. Its been a while since the MC and we now feel VERY ready to start trying again. Anyhoo we are back from holiday and I took my last pill last night so should be CD1 on Saturday. It feels great to be back on here and know we are going to be back at it again soon lol.
I have PCOS and have very irregular periods so under doctors advice I have been on the pill for the last 6 months in the hope that it would help my cycles so im keeping my fingers crossed that my cycles will stay ok once pill is out of my system.

Cant wait to get to know everyone again.

Any chance of a few introductions?

Im 24, OH is 26 we have been TTC for just over 2 years. We had a couple of months worth of clomid and fell PG last year but unfortunatly I MC in Feb 09. I have PCOS so I have irregular cycles.



  • Hi Sweetie,

    I am ttc no2 and we are on month 2 of actively trying...I also have PCOS and concieved last time after taking metformin. The doc has just prescribed me some more so fingers crossed. My last few cycles have been aprox 42 days. I am 35, oh is also 35 and our little boy is 1.

    Good Luck, will be nice having a fellow PCOS sufferer on here....

  • Hey,
    Im on month8 ttc. Im now on 5/6dpo, and really hoping that me and all the !loose women" get our bfp very soon!

    Glad ur all ready to ttc again!!xxx
  • Hi,

    I also have PCOS only just be diagnosed, i've been ttc number 2 for 4 months but have irregular cycles, this one was 85 days.
    I have one son who is nearly six, i'm 29 and hubby is 27.

    Good luck everyone x
  • Hi Sweetie123!!

    Welcome back!I wasn't here last time you were so thought I'd say hey! I'm also 24 and OH is 33 in October. We're ttc our 1st baby and have been trying for 8 months. AF is due on Sat/Sun. We've been doing SMEP this month,but I've had no symptoms on my 2ww and tested yesterday and got a BFN so going to try CBFM next month!

    Wishing you lots of luck and sticky baby dust this time around xxxxxxx
  • Didn't want to just read and run, sending baby dust your way honey xxx
  • Hello! Sorry to hear its been difficult for you- hope to see some good news from you very soon!!

    Im 23, ttc 1st baby for 2 months so far xxx
  • sure you know me chick,welcome back to offically ttc again xxxxx
  • Hey hun im 24 and OH is nearly 27 - this our 3rd month of ttc - good luck to you xxxxxxxx
  • hello

    so sorry to hear about your loss,

    i am 26 and hubby is 31, we are TTC no2, our little man has just gone 6 months and this is first cycle off the pill, our son took nearly a year to concieve so we are hoping it will be quicker this time

    good luck x
  • Hi huni welcome back and hope you get your bfp very soon . This is month 3 of ttc number 6image . im 30 and oh is 36.image
  • hi im laura, im 28, hubbie os also 28, we are ttc no 3. we have a 5yr old and a 2 yr old. xx oh and this is our first/second month of trying (not sure - cycles a bit weird!!) but welcome xx
  • Hi hun, glad to see you are raring to go again image

    I am 29, hubs is 28, this is our first month ttc and I have pretty much convinced myself I am preggers, I am due on AF either today or tomorrow and if she doesn't arrive I will be testing this time next week I think, exciting times ahead....I have so many symptoms if I don't have a bun in the oven I have no idea what is up with me!! x
  • Hi all,
    Thanks for all ur lovely replies!

    Good luck to all of you.

    Grudie it is so nice to see a familiar 'face' on here, how r u?

    Good luck for those testing soon

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