First month of CBFM - advice please ladies!!

Hi girls,

I have just started to use my CBFM after coming off the pill in Seotember and my cycle seemingly starting to settle down. So today is CD7 and I have had a high, this seems really early! I know in the instructions it says that since it's my first month you can often have a high quite early on until it gets to know your cycle but this seems really soon after AF! So when should I expect my peak do you think? And should we be BD'ing every day or every other day whilst I am getting these highs??

Sorry for all the questions - I am still getting to getting to grips with it but I am already addicted :lol:

E x


  • HI Ruby Shoes

    I get my high from cd8, and then my peak around cd12 ish.

    On the first month of using it the cbfm also gives you more highs than subsequent months as it is getting to know your cycle.

    Hope that helps!
  • Hi hun,

    I also had my first high on CD7 on my first cycle of using it and had my peaks on CD18 and CD19. I would BD every other day, or even every 2 days if you get tired image

  • Thanks girls that does help. It just seems quite confusing at the moment but I am sure I'll quickly get used to it!

    Ha ha hubby was so keen on the BD'ing every day malarky but I reckon even he will get tired so I think every other day may be best .....especially if I am waiting til CD18 for my peak :lol::lol:

    Thanks again

    E x
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